Intersecting Lives

My life is meant to intersect with the lives of others while walking in the world. Sometimes the intersection is only for a moment, and sometimes it’s for a lifetime. The place of intersection provides an opportunity to share my heart and hear the heart of another. Busyness and fear cause me to miss the…Read more »

The Simple Life of Witness

Witness isn’t an intimidating process of finding the right person, the right verse, and the right time to present Christ’s love. It’s a life lived honestly in front of others so that Christ’s precious love manifests in the day to day. Witness is honesty about brokenness not pretense about perfection or promises of prosperity. A…Read more »

Further Than Following

Walking in God’s Spirit is a choice that has to be made at least once a day. Being led by God’s Spirit is about giving up the need to lead or even choosing to follow. The passiveness that comes from being led is going a step further than following. Following still has a hint of…Read more »

To Know is to Love

I can approach God’s Word as a scholar or a lover, but only one will lead to an intimate relationship with His Holy Spirit and a connection unlike anything the world has to offer. To know God’s Word is to love Him. If the point is simply to acquire information and apply it as I…Read more »