Flesh & Faith

Imaginal cells begin to line up in the body of a caterpillar as soon as it goes into the chrysalis. These special cells will eventually become a butterfly. They signal the immune system to begin consuming the body of the caterpillar because it is no longer familiar to the creature. A deep connection to the…Read more »


Yesterday was my mama’s birthday. I told the girls she would be having her birthday party in heaven. Lillyann said, “We can’t go, but God will be there.” I smiled and said, “Yes! And Gigi Susie will be there too.” Lilyann said, “And Meatball!!” Meatball was a little English bulldog who died several years ago.…Read more »

Know No

No is a hard word to say and an even harder one to hear, but God made it clear this week that it’s necessary to say no and hear no if I am going to walk in His Kingdom. I have a hard time saying no because I like to keep the peace and hate…Read more »


God’s lessons this week were defining ones that led me to His love. The dry bones in Ezekiel 37 prepared my heart for the fleshing out God knew I needed. All lessons begin with truth, and that can be very painful. Such was the case this week, but God sent His rain to renew the…Read more »

Watching Over Me

This evening, as I watched the sun setting, I tried to capture the beauty before me. Instead, I caught the sunset watching me. It’s been a difficult week, and God knew I needed a smile. I marvel at His ways, and I pray I always will. He knows me better than I do, and I…Read more »