Advent is a season of hope which takes my faith to new heights each year as I celebrate Christ’s birth and anticipate His second coming. Life is filled with ups and downs, but hope brings a beautiful place of balance. I wrote this poem years ago, but it still resonates with my heart. I look…Read more »


Home is where my heart is free. A place where I can just be me. It’s never very far away. I can visit every day.   When I’m feeling all alone, My heart will find its own way home. Longing for those sweet connections There’s no need to get directions.   There I find my…Read more »


The truth be told, A heart on hold Is not what God desires.   He knows that love Like that above Is all my heart requires.   My will persists. My soul insists. So what I want transpires.   I get my way! I have my say! His voice gently retires.   I find myself…Read more »

A Mess of Pottage

“A mess of pottage” refers to something that may be very desirable in the moment, but is of little value when taken in exchange for something less tangible but of immense value. It refers to Esau trading his birthright for a pot of lentil stew in Genesis 25:27-35. When the boys grew up, Esau became…Read more »