Is There a Doctor in the Heart?

Like all muscles, hearts are strengthened when stretched, torn, broken, and healed. Growing is a difficult process for all muscles, but the heart is especially vulnerable. It is the strongest muscle in the body and has the capacity to feel emotional, as well as physical, pain. No muscle understands “no pain, no gain” better than…Read more »

The Rose of Sharon

“I am the rose of Sharon, The lily of the valleys.”Song of Solomon 2:1 NASB I haven’t spent much time in The Song of Solomon, but God used a beautiful flower to draw my attention to chapter two today. Solomon’s open intimacy always makes me blush because I feel as if I’m reading someone else’s love letter or spying…Read more »

Redefining Fire

There’s wreckage on the ground With ashes all around. Rains extinguish the flame. Now, nothing is the same. God’s love draws me nearer. The path becomes clearer. Reaching out with His hand, He bids me to stand. The redefining fire Lifts me from the mire, My heart finally free To see the real me.  …Read more »