September Sunset

  The sunsets of late have been spectacular as┬áSeptember makes her exit in style. Her departure comes as God bids me to end my old testament. It’s human nature to want to stay in the familiar, albeit painful, past; but staying there keeps me from writing my new story. The lesson this week has been…Read more »

What She Sought

A whore barters for what she wants, Ending up with a battered soul. A playmate plays to lose her pain, Ending with a broken spirit. A mistress loves behind closed doors, Ending up with an empty heart. A bride waits for her loving groom, Ending up with a cherished heart. A traveler shares her story.…Read more »

Tummy or Heart ??

Lilly and Mylah have an ongoing debate that reflects religious debates found in the world. Lilly pointed to her chest one day and said that God was in her heart. Mylah pointed at her round little belly and said God was in her tummy. I don’t believe she meant to start a debate, but she…Read more »