Babble On:)

Nothing excites me as much as God’s love unless it’s His grace. I just can’t help babbling on when it comes to how much I love Him, and that’s just what happened in Mark 7 after Jesus healed the man who couldn’t hear or speak. Folks just couldn’t be quiet. If only my faithfulness was as great as His grace, then miracles would be common place. My faith is often weak, and I limit God. If I would learn to have faith that He is who He has always been, then things would be much different in my life and in this world. I settle when I should dream. I give up when I should believe. I suppose that’s part of my need to be in charge and follow my plans. My lack of faith is, and always has been, the problem. My choices reflect my faith, and I pray they will lead me nearer to God and to those in my path as I tell my story of how He changed my heart and my mind and enabled me to babble on about His love and grace.  

When surrounded by those I love, I have the tendency to babble on as joy bubbles up inside me:) My dear friend Ethel is the same way, and so are Lillyann and Mylah. I love that about us:)  I have learned this week that it’s okay to babble on when I’m filled with love, and nothing makes me babble on the way Jesus does. He makes joy and peace bubble up in my soul, and I just can’t not talk about it. I know that’s improper grammar, but it’s true.  Like a babbling brook, I just can’t stop myself. The beautiful lesson this week is that I’m not sorry about that any more! I’ve always apologized for my enthusiasm and for babbling on, but I plan to stop that terrible habit immediately! It feels great to say that:)

I’ve always felt I needed to contain my excitement, but I’ve noticed that Ethel, Lilly and Mylah, don’t even try to put a lid on their enthusiasm, and I plan to follow their lead:)  I am learning to enjoy the love God places in my path. It’s very freeing to love with complete abandonment. It’s what children do and what God loves for me to do. Letting go of the need for approval puts babbling into perspective. I once believed I needed to stop my babbling and be quiet.  I even thought Out of Babble On might be a good title for my autobiography.  I would have to make sure Walter Brueggemann approved, but I think he would advise me to keep on babbling:) I don’t need to get out of Babble On, I need to enjoy the state of delight I feel when in the presence of those I love, especially God. Worrying about approval creates a strange tension that causes me to pause and to stammer as I think too much about what I am supposed to do. My sister Edie and I talked about just that yesterday. Walking on eggshells to avoid those in the path means I’m around the wrong folks. Those who truly love me let me be me. If I feel I have to be a certain way, say a certain thing, or do something in particular to please them, then that’s a sure sign that love is no where near.

Giving up the need for approval also changes the way I deal with response. I’ve worried far too much about what others think and how they will respond. I am learning that results and responses are God’s concern, not mine. I plan to leave them in His capable hands and enjoy the journey and delight in those I love. Love is not to be taken for granted or hidden away. It is a gift from God and should be treated as such. True love causes the delight I feel when I see those I love and when I am in God’s presence. I don’t worry about how He or they will respond any more, and that causes joy to bubble to the surface. I thank God for love that causes me to babble on. He knows better than anyone about that babbling because there is no one who brings out the Babble On in me more than He does:)

Author: Gigi

I taught middle school for 33 years and retired in 2007. I'm enjoying my journey and loving the time I have with my three granddaughters who call me "Gigi." I want to share my journey with them and with anyone else interested in sharing the lessons God has for me on this amazing journey.

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