Yesterday was my mama’s birthday. I told the girls she would be having her birthday party in heaven. Lillyann said, “We can’t go, but God will be there.”

I smiled and said, “Yes! And Gigi Susie will be there too.”

Lilyann said, “And Meatball!!” Meatball was a little English bulldog who died several years ago. I told the girls that she and mama’s childhood dog Mig would definitely be there.

“But Gigi, does God know it’s her birthday?” Lillyann asked with a concerned look on her face that indicated we needed to tell Him. I had to smile because I’m guilty of thinking I need to fill Him in at times myself:)

“God knows everything!” I answered. She immediately relaxed and proceeded to sing with little Mylah. As I listened to them, I knew mama was giggling and enjoying every note. I told the girls they reminded me so much of mama and showed them a picture of her with Tyler. They pointed and told me that was their daddy!! I told them my mama was his grandmother and pointed to a picture on my wall of my mama’s grandmother. Children need to understand their roots. The prayers of my loving ancestors never go away, and I want them to know that love is stronger than death. It’s what Easter is all about.

My granddaddy, Flave Holden, was a preacher, a prayer, and an enthusiastic piano player! I feel his prayers often and am reminded of his playful nature. Granddaddy played like a child and loved showing us new things when we visited his farm. I love to pray for my son, his wife, his girls, and all the children who will follow them. A prayer uttered with true love from the heart carries more power than any weapon forged on earth.

Remembering mama yesterday morning took me reminded me to let prayers from my past surround me and to keep praying for those who are here and yet to come. I met with a group to pray on Monday night and had a powerful time of prayer with my small group last night. I left both sessions filled with the Holy Spirit’s peace. Prayer connects me to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, those with whom I pray, and those for whom I pray. It changes my life and puts all things into perspective.

When I pray, I need to have the attitude Lillyann had when I told her God knows everything. She believed and went right on with what she was doing. The lesson yesterday was to pray and then believe as a trusting child. Do I live and pray as though I believe God is God, or do I need more convincing? My questions and worries belabor and delay God’s will and work, but more importantly, they show a lack of confidence in Who He is.

The most important prayers are those Jesus and the Holy Spirit utter for us continuously. When Lillyann asked me yesterday what Jesus did all day, I told her that He prayed for us. Knowing the path is preprayed brings peace that passes understanding. Imagine someone telling you that your expenses were completely paid for a wonderful vacation. Now, multiply that by a billion and you come close to the joy of knowing Christ’s love has us covered for eternity. Jesus prayed, prays, and will always pray for us, and the Holy Spirit is always with us. It’s the perfect plan for imperfect people. This Easter, let’s pause to celebrate Christ’s love that reaches beyond the grave and grows stronger each time we share it with one another.

Author: Gigi

I taught middle school for 33 years and retired in 2007. I'm enjoying my journey and loving the time I have with my three granddaughters who call me "Gigi." I want to share my journey with them and with anyone else interested in sharing the lessons God has for me on this amazing journey.

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