From My Heart

Here are a few positive thoughts that express my heart. I pray they lift your spirit.

Passion is a wonderful thing, but compassion is even better. Sharing passions brings me closer to God and to others. I love to be near God and those who understand and stir my passion for Him.

I asked Christ how to love as He does. I looked at the cross and saw open palms, open arms, and only one flexed muscle, His beautiful heart.

Christ was, is, and always will be selfless. He thinks of others rather than Himself. 

God’s light changes me in beautiful ways. The blade of His plow digs very deeply at times, but only so His warm love can enter my heart.

Giving fills; taking depletes. Selfish people are never happy because nothing they hoard comes close to the joy a little giving would bring.

The secret to success is staying tuned to God’s frequency. When I give Him my complete attention, the static of the world clears; and His music becomes clear and sweet in my heart.

Transparency is freeing and creates time and space for God. Pretense consumes energy and closes doors to intimate connection.

God calls the unlikely to proclaim His gospel; that surprises everyone, especially those like Saul who wonder what they could possibly do for Him. The answer, of course, is to stop asking “Why me?” and start asking “What’s next?” Those who believe they have it all figured out have a hard time doing that.

Love as if there is no tomorrow and an eternity with God♥

I think of Christ when I want my way, and I’m able to open my arms wide and let Him have His way. I shudder to think of what would have happened if He had crossed His arms stubbornly rather than spread them lovingly on the cross.

Some things cannot be adequately described. Being in God’s presence and having a personal relationship with Him is one of them. Everyone will have a different experience, but surrendering to His Spirit is the key to having a beautiful relationship that will yield His fruits in each life in a special and unique way.

Accepting God’s love and forgiveness through His Son is the beginning of a journey of faith that leads me nearer to God.

My selfish nature has to die before God can use me. I must to be broken and poured out before I can feed His sheep. The openness that breaking creates is very freeing as I escape the cocoon of selfishness and love as He desires.

Christ’s hands still bear the scars of His love for me. He serves with love as no one else, and does it gladly knowing the cost of love. I pray for hands and a heart like His.

 Make a joyful noise today and celebrate God’s beautiful love that fills the heart and warms the soul:]

I am the daughter of the Most High King Who loves me more than I can imagine. That is especially sweet since He knows me better than anyone.

 My new heart has an intake valve that finally works! I feel the most real I’ve ever felt in my life. Receiving love is a beautiful part of God’s call, and it feels like sunshine on a plowed field:]

What a beautiful feeling to know God will pull all my “worry weeds” and clear the path if I simply abandon my plans for the garden, yield to His plan, bask in the warmth of His Son, and soak up the sweet watering of His Spirit:]

God’s presence and touch come beautifully and powerfully when I come to the end of that which is possible for me to do. He takes me by the heart and says, “Now, come see what I can do through you.”

 My prayers go up and pass the ones others pray for me. Like stars, both brighten the darkness and cause me to look up and connect beautifully to God and to others ♥

Prayer taps into the abundant well of God’s love and creates in me a desire to touch the lives of others while letting them touch me. What a privilege it is to pray for others, and what a blessing it is when someone prays for me.

Lifting one another up is easy when I don’t let the world weigh me down.

The Holy Spirit allows an intimacy that makes me one with the Trinity, and that allows me to trust even when I cannot understand. Faith allows me to love with abandon. The Holy Spirit enables me to experience Christ’s precious love the way God desires. Once I get a taste of His love, nothing else will ever do:]

When I love as Christ does, I see others as He does. I want them to be who He wants them to be, not who I want them to be. His love flourishes in open fields and knows no limits; mine will do the same if I delight in those I love as He delights in loving me ♥

 God’s plans are so much better than my own; I’m learning to go with His, let go of mine, and enjoy the journey He has planned

When I think of myself outside of God’s grace, I shudder. When I think of His sweet Spirit working through me, I sigh in release and smile in wonder,

Love gives space and grows with honest communion. Transparency allows the freedom for me to be loved and love others just as they are. God loves that way, and I am much happier when I follow His example.

Loving words of encouragement go a long way in creating harmony and softening those rough edges of this world. I’m thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life who do just that ♥

When I’m weighed down because of a very heavy load, God helps me see the load, and dear friends help lighten it  when it’s shared with honest love♥

If I live to be 100, I don’t think I’ll ever get over God’s amazing ways. He leaves me scratching my head and saying, “How did He do that??” at least once at day. I remember He is God, and I am not; that always answers the question beautifully.

I’ve heard in songs and in know in my head that God can take brokenness and ashes and create beauty, but I never understood it until He transformed my heart by turning hurt into love as only He can. 

Love requires harmony. That’s easier with voices and instruments than with hearts, but if I stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, I have no trouble singing along as God desires.

God stops the rain, and sometimes puts a double rainbow in the sky to remind me that He is always there before and after the storm.

Past hurt will keep me from present joy if I listen to the wrong voices.

I marvel at how God’s taken this little bird who preferred the safety of being caged and shown me that birds are meant to be in the open sky. Cages are safe, but they are not where hearts belong. God’s love allows the freedom to be who He knows I am.

  Christ’s strength is obvious in His prayers, His love, and His forgiveness.

Love is about-delighting in one another! God sees His sweet Son every time He looks at me, and feels the way I do when I see Lillyann, and that delights both of us:]

God takes pain, hurt, and anger and turns them into love, grace, and peace. Surrendering and doing things His way instead of mine allows the fruit of His Spirit to grow in my heart

 God lets me help Him so I can grow.It reminds me of taking half an hour to show our children how to do something we can do in five minutes. We love them and want them to grow, and God loves us in the same way.

Romans 8 reminds me that nothing can come between me and my God. I did add a little note to myself in the margin of my Bible-‘except my plans!’

Loving the way God intended is so freeing; transparency is a beautiful state of being that allows me to be who God created me to be and love as He loves 

Beautiful moments of connection cannot be planned, analyzed, or recreated. They can only become cherished reminders that what is yet to come will be even better if I trust God.

The stars and fireflies tonight remind me that our love reflects God’s light in this world. Darkness and silence make light and sound more powerful. We can see the beautiful light God places all around us and hear His still, small voice if we get away from the loud and blinding world and be still for a moment:]

Hearts not only love, they see and hear much better than eyes and ears 

To get as close as possible to God, I have to get rid of all the junk I have between Him and me. The only thing between us should be His beautiful Son; anything else is mine, and gets in the Way:]

When I’m empty; He fills me with His sweet presence:]

Turned an important corner yesterday and am thankful for the new direction, but I sure do wish I’d avoid hitting the walls before those corners! God would tell me to slow down and pay attention. Well, at least I didn’t break anything other than my pride this time.

Kids worship with reckless abandon, and we would too except that we worry about what others will think. They might just think you have something they would like to have.

The love God and others have for me is what keeps me on fire for Him and able to that which I am incapable of doing on my own. So, get your fire going and share your light with someone today.

Freedom doesn’t come from fighting, but rather when I stop fighting and surrender all to God. What a beautiful freedom His is!

Surrendering to the Holy Spirit allows me to use God’s compass to find my way out of darkness into the light of His sweet Son. His compass and the company of loving friends makes this journey a joy.

God offers me the opportunity to grow nearer by loving Him and others. Love offers me the desire to lift those I love in prayer to Him, and that is the most important thing I can do.

Love cannot exist without freedom. I must be who I am if I am to love as God would have me. Otherwise, I have obligation; that’s not what God wants for me. Obligation leaves me with a cold, empty feeling while love fills me with beautiful warmth. God prefers sweet warmth, and so do I.

As love enables me to get outside of myself and into God, my prayers have gone from to-do lists to intimate intercession. That makes He and I both look forward to our time together.

If I ever want to know what’s important to me, I simply look at where I’m spending my time and money. God’s position on my list is a great indicator of how my life is going.

God knows me better and loves me more than anyone. As I know Him better, I love Him more. I’m learning that knowing and loving go hand in hand.

Why do I have such a hard time following Christ when I know Who He is and where He’s going? I would have a lot less stress if I would stop trying to drive from the backseat.

As my heart cried out for comfort and affirmation, God reminded me that fear drives me inward and increases my pain. Reaching out in love to comfort another heals my heart and spirit beautifully. Satan prefers for me to stay inside; God loves for me to reach out

I marvel at how God manages to calm my struggling heart and hold me in His warm embrace until I stop striving. Perhaps one day I’ll follow without fussing!

Isolation is inviting, and separation is safe; but the love that comes from opening the doors of separation and truly allowing another into my heart is worth the effort and the pain that comes when I know and love with abandon 

If anyone understands the pain of unrequited love, it is Christ. He bids me to come and love, but I have more important things to do than return His beautiful love. I have to ask myself what in the world could be more important than His love.

God is a wonderful teacher Who pushes me to my absolute limit and then offers a warm embrace of encouragement when I finally get His point.

The closeness and comfort God’s love offers opportunity to grow and draw nearer if I keep my heart fixed upon Him. The path is steep and rugged but the bliss is worth the struggle:]

God’s divine love reaches down; Christ’s body reaches up and offers His sweet love in human form, and the Holy Spirit reaches out to my heart to connect me beautifully to Him and to those around me.

God will clear away all that is in His way when I let Him decide what goes and what can stay. Very freeing indeed:]

Christ’s love lifts in a way nothing else can, but I’ll never get off the ground as long as I keep asking Him to pull over.

Nothing can separate me from God’s love, and I can be in His presence thanks to the Holy Spirit. Fixing my focus upon Him and loving those in my path gives me a taste of heavenly bliss.  

Love and freedom go hand in hand. When I love as God loves, I free my heart and the hearts of those I love. That’s walking in His kingdom now, and that’s something to celebrate.

I’ve spent a lot of time in God’s presence this weekend as I celebrated and mourned. The beautiful truth is that my will and His are, and always have been, the same. The desires of my heart are, and always have been, the desires of His heart. All that gets in the way is wanting my way.

The steeper the path, the better the view when you take the time to stop and enjoy it. I’ve been too busy too often to soak in God’s presence and the beautiful views He offers all along my path.

I desire to be loved, heard, and understood. God desires me, and He truly loves, hears, and understands me.

Reaching beyond myself is the best stretching ever, as long as I’m reaching in His direction.

Reaching out in love to one who is stumbling helps me find my balance and get a step closer to God. Allowing someone to help me when I stumble has the same effect.

Only God can make me whole as I am broken, and each time He restores, I find myself closer to Christ, nearer to Him, and never the same:]

The closer I get to God, the stronger my desire to pray. The more I pray, the closer I get to God. A sweet cycle that sure beats running around in circles without Him:]

Christ does not wag His tongue, clench His fist, or point His finger. He remains still, opens His palms, and lets His heart point to God. He is the perfect example for me to follow.

Nothing compares to the sweet connection of loving prayer. It bonds more securely than any adhesive known to man.

Purging closets and drawer creates new space. Homes, like hearts, become crowded with stuff that just gets in the way.

The older I get the simpler my beliefs become. So often I miss the opportunity to love because I’m just too busy. I gave up to-do lists. If you still have one, please put ‘take time to love’ at the top because nothing else really matters.

Meekness is not weakness but strength controlled. Christ is the best example of it. Joanna Weaver compares it to a horse that is broken and ready to go in the master’s direction and not its own.

There’s freedom in God’s presence. His freedom allows me to make my own choices when it comes to loving Him and doing what He desires. He never changes or moves or stops loving me. How powerful that thought becomes when I begin to understand and live that powerful truth.

The power of prayer is that it puts my focus where it belongs. When I approach God as the dear and loving Father He is, my heart and mind finds peace in His presence.

Having a Mary spirit is about loving Christ and not worrying about what everybody else is doing. Martha’s problem wasn’t her “busyness” but her “busybodyness” in worrying about what her sister was doing.

Christ changes me from the inside out and gives me a new heredity. Satan would have me believe that isn’t possible and tempts me to go back to those comfortable old ways. Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit who helps me put on Christ each morning.

Wonderful worship service with a great reminder to keep Christ as the center of my worship. The biggest false doctrine in Christianity is that I need someone to tell me how to get close to God. I only have to surrender to His Spirit, and He will show me the rest.

When I get too busy to take some quiet time alone with God, I remember that He is never too busy for me. It is humbling to think that God is waiting and yearning for my presence and love. It’s very easy to clear my schedule with that image in my heart:]

Reaching out to one who is stumbling and needs a hand balances my heart.

I love the way children look at the world and love seeing it through Lillyann’s eyes. She puts a smile on my face and in my heart.  

With God, there is no battle of the wills; He’ll let me do it your way. The argument comes in convincing myself. Satan is quick to help by telling me I’m right. I like the sound of that, but I see we’re both wrong when I choose to pray… instead of argue. God’s love wins in the end because there’s really no contest with Him in the mix.

As Lillyann fell asleep on my chest last night, I realized that God was answering an important question for me. What I say and do will affect the way she sees Christ. That gives me a whole new perspective and sheds some much-needed light on the path.

Little ones delight with abandon each time they see those they love. Why & when do we stop doing that?

My nephew Ben’s love for God is like a waterfall; I can’t help but be moved by it. He never was one to sit by the pool and only put his feet in the water, and I love that about him.

God can do anything with me if I clear myself of all that isn’t His. 

Those things which God asks me to do are simply small steps that lead me nearer to Him. I thought as I walked yesterday how sweet it is to have a positive companion to help me deal calmly with the snakes, smile at my stumbles, and go where I could not go alone. The journey is best with company.

Sharing the hurt of others makes my heart ache, but it also strengthens it in a beautiful way. The heart is the strongest, yet most vulnerable, muscle in the body. It can take an enormous amount of stress and do a lot of work, but it can be broken without being touched.

Simple, heartfelt prayer is the most powerful weapon I have. How might this world be different if large groups of prayer warriors gathered and waged peace.

I love learning. The desire to know leads to wisdom. Knowing I have to have the Holy Spirit’s help is the first step in the right direction.

When I fret and worry, it’s because I want my own way and want to convince others and God that I’m right. That is easier to do with God than with others because He won’t argue with me. Satan, however, will back me up loudly, proudly, and gladly. If I’m fretting, I’m wrong, and if I’m fretting a lot, I’m really wrong.

Satan’s says to hold on to my stuff and don’t let people take advantage of me; God says give and love, and I’ll fill you up in ways you can’t imagine.

God’s lesson for me this week has been if you want to get closer to Me, serve others. Christ serves, prays and loves quietly without worrying about the outcome. With the Holy Spirit’s help, I can follow His beautiful example.

Emptiness comes when I expect to be filled. Serving fills unexpectedly.

When I want my day to unfold in love, I look up at the Son.

Serving with Christ is a beautiful work with an amazing retirement plan.

A leap of faith becomes a jump for joy when I remember God is there to catch me.

Today was better than anything I could have planned. It’s amazing how much better the ride is when I quit trying to drive from the backseat.

When I’m longing for God’s presence, I remind myself that He never moves, and His sweet Son leaves clear footprints for me to follow and find my way back to Him.

Secretaries, like moms, are always being told they should take some time off by folks who hand them what they need for them to do for them right away! Good thing they also love like moms.

Learning is stretching beyond what I think I am capable of being and reaching out with trust to become who God knows I can be. Old habits and ways die hard if I battle them alone, but they quickly flee in His presence. Stretching works best when I relax, breathe, and don’t resist the movement.

When I’m with someone I love, I remember who I am and what’s important.

Frustration comes when my attention is focused upon the world’s demands and not on God’s call. A simple turn toward Him makes all the difference in the way things look.

Honesty has the same effect upon love that refining fire has upon metal. What you have afterward is something very special. When I settle for metal without the fire, I end up very disappointed. God refines and shines beautifully in an atmosphere of honest communion

God wants me to form loving relationships. The goal as I travel through this life is to get along not to get ahead.

How the day changes when I stop thinking ‘what’s in it for me’ and begin thinking ‘how can I bring God into it for others.’

The good news of Revelation is that the battle has already been won.

When I choose to worry, peace slips out the door because the two don’t get along and cannot be in the same place. When I choose peace, worry stomps away saying, “I’ll be back!” Choose peace, lock the door, and give God the key.

I always gave stickers and pats on the back for effort and good work when I taught. God gives me similar encouragement after a difficult lesson. His “stickers” fill me with joy and leave me grinning from ear to ear with the joy that comes when I finally get the lesson He has for me.

God reminded me this weekend that at the wedding feast He is preparing, Christ will be seated on His right. As the bride, I needn’t worry about where I’ll be sitting. There is a special place of honor for me right beside my groom. He’s anxiously waiting for me to arrive, and I should have the attitude of a bride waiting to be with her groom each time I think of Him.

Chatter and activity drain, silence and stillness fill.

A picnic at the top of Waterrock Knob reminded me that the mountaintop allows a panoramic view. Confining ourselves to one spot causes us to miss so much beauty. Fear of making the journey to the top keeps me from having my breath taken away.

This statement describes me perfectly because I usually don’t understand God’s lesson for me until the last moment:) “I couldn’t understand why the ball kept getting bigger, and then it hit me!”

Honesty creates a transparency that allows me to see and be who God created me to be and have the relationships He has in mind for me.

Not feeling the need to speak is a beautiful feeling and a sure sign that I’ve got a great connection. Silence speaks volumes, especially when accompanied by peace.

True success and wealth depend upon how much I am willing to give to God. If I refuse to let go, I end up with rust, dust, and bitterness. If I give everything to Him, I end up with priceless peace.

God’s love is a beautiful river coming from an unseen and powerful Source. He lets me decide if it flows through or around me..

When I find myself frustrated and overwhelmed, I realize that the load I’m carrying is my own, and God has nothing to do with it. His burden is light, and His yoke is easy.

God called, is calling, and will continue to call His disciples to be fishermen. He doesn’t need for me to fight His battles for Him or defend Him; He’s already won the war. He wants fishermen with focus, stillness, and lots of patience.

Honest communication creates the most beautiful connection in the world because it mirrors the one we will have in heaven. The truth will indeed set me free to walk in His Kingdom now.

We have to make the choice to do good or evil. “God” is in good; “i” is in evil. Satan is bound, but he smiles when we choose to do evil. God beams when we choose to do good.

How silly it would sound if a player told the coach they wanted to start in the game but didn’t have time to practice, had their own ideas on how the plays should go, and had an outfit they liked better than the team’s uniform. Why doesn’t it sound silly to me when I do the same with God?

What a difference there is between a ‘get to’ attitude and a ‘got to’ attitude!! If I think get to, I can’t wait to go. If I think got to, nothing’s going to satisfy me. I thank God that I get to love and worship Him.

God often takes me on a path I do not understand. I have learned that confusion is part of getting where He wants me to be. Not understanding causes me to trust in a powerful way because I know He knows. It’s what faith is all about.

At the end of the tears and the struggle, I found comfort in knowing I am God’s beloved daughter. Like sweet Lillyann as she gives up in her struggle and falls asleep on my shoulder, I’m finding that snuggling on God’s shoulder is much nicer than fighting.

God must look at me and smile as I do when I look at Lillyann when she does something goofy, but adorable. I know He sees the humor in my lack of understanding and loves me all the more for trying to get it; otherwise, I’d be a little crispy cinder by now.

Love stirs us and creates movement. Complacency settles and leaves dregs of bitterness.

Amazing how an afternoon of sunshine, walking in the woods, letting my legs soak in the icy creek, and just being alone with God makes me feel like a new woman.

I’ll never understand God’s vision if I keep looking at my feet and not at His field.

God always gives me a big hug after I get a difficult lesson. This week’s were the toughest so far, but so were His hugs. Didn’t make the turn without hitting the wall, but I didn’t break anything except my pride once again.

Temptations are often simply short cuts to our good intentions, and we all know where that road leads.

We are created to carry God’s light. If we attempt to light our own candles, we get a flickering flame which requires constant attention and much worry. The Holy Spirit’s fire only has to be invited in; God takes it from there.

Lillyann reminds me to enjoy all the little things and gives me a whole new appreciation for the train, the tourists, the motorcycles, and the shops in town. Today, we were trying to step on our shadows and giggling because we couldn’t. Why don’t I do that when I’m not with her?

When I ask God to make the desires of His heart the desires of mine and pray fervently that He grant those desires, I don’t run the risk of asking amiss.

The point of living is loving. Living becomes loving when I get rid of ‘i’ and replace it with an open heart 

True love and true peace do not exist without truth.

Churches must be lighthouses and our homes should have porch lights, but we are each a candle and must be willing to leave our safe buildings and go into the darkness. We are called to light not to fight.

Truth is not relative. Any twisting or turning of it is deception. The Truth gives Light; deception brings darkness.

This journey prepares me for God’s presence. If I let go of all to which I cling and remember to stay in the center of Christ’s cross where His beautiful heart reaches out, His Spirit will allow me to feel God’s presence all the time.

God waits for me to wake and rejoices when I turn to hear His call upon my day. His call is sweet and fills me with peace when I follow with abandon. Stress replaces that peace when I wake up worrying and try to fit His call into my calendar.

The Holy Spirit allows me to live peacefully in the tension of this world. When the world is spinning around me, the Spirit fills me with Christ’s compassion and brings balance and peace in the midst of turmoil.

Love cannot exist without Truth; Christ is Truth, and God is Love. The Holy Spirit connects me to both shows me how to live and to love in truth..

Lust consumes; love frees. Lust says, “what’s in it for me;” love seeks what’s best for others.

Christ turns me upside down. It’s scary at first because my stuff falls out of my pockets; but once I get used to it, I won’t settle for right-side up again.

God is Love; the Holy Spirit is Peace, and sweet Jesus is the Truth and Hope that brings me both.

Perseverance pays off, so keep praying and have faith.

I learn more about the Holy Spirit in one moment of obedience than in a lifetime of pondering.

If I want to keep a fire going, I have to add a little fuel and fan the flames occasionally.

Silence and stillness allow grace to fill a space in a way words cannot.

The call to serve is a simple one that I tend to complicate. Christ prepared the meal the cross, and God asks that I present it to others in the same manner He presents to me, with Love

My problems often stem from thinking I can do what only God can. That Little Engine attitude is wonderful when exercising, but sometimes I have to replace “I think I can” with “I know I can’t but I know God can!”

There is a sweet connection like that above when I connect to others in love and honest communion. God knows transparency allows me to love and be loved despite my and their imperfections. 

Perfect people don’t need Jesus.

The world bids me to be busy; God asks me to be still and open so He can work through me. The busyness wears me out and leaves me empty; the stillness allows me to rid myself of the need to succeed so God can begin to use me.

It is best to just be quiet when I’m not sure what to say. God will fill the silence with His words if I  don’t fill it with mine first.

God’s grace allows me to give up the need to be noble.

It is impossible to sort of surrender, sort of trust, or sort of have faith. With God, it is all or nothing..

Only one sin comes with a warning label, and that’s judging others. It’s best to leave the judging to God.

God calls me to live and love in the tension of this world. Like Peter on the stormy water, I allow my attention to wander from Him and find myself frightened and underwater. Christ’s hand of Hope lifts and loves me through the storm.

The Holy Spirit ignites a fire in me that quietly comforts, warms, and draws me nearer to God. The fires I build on my own either die quickly, smoke greatly, and burn out of control. I’m learning it’s best to let the Spirit provide and tend the fire.

Stillness isn’t inactivity; it’s allowing God’s Spirit to move in my heart. When I run around on my own, my heart pumps very hard; when I wait upon God’s Spirit, it dances with delight. Dancing with the Holy Spirit is much better than jogging on my own.

God will bring about His will with or without mw; the question for me is am I willing to abandon mine and become part of His.

Hope is the spark that lingers after the fire seems lost; He remains there to remind me to go on whatever the cost. Though I am prone to forget Him until nothing else remains, He’s there waiting patiently to ease my heartaches and pains.

When I am shaken, my fault lines are exposed. The breaking allows that which is weighing me down to fall to the wayside so I can move on. Hind’s feet aren’t meant to carry a heavy burden, just get to the high places.

It is so tempting to look to the world for answers and reassurance because it is something I understand, but I must look to God for my answers and trust His directions even when I don’t understand. That usually involve stepping out of my comfort zone. I can only get more comfortable by getting closer to Him than I am to the world.

God uses all the circumstances that surround me to shape and mold me into what He wants me to be. My problem is that I don’t see the lesson coming until it’s over, and then I’m left wondering how He did that. I remember He is God. I would have truer peace if I remembered that without having to be constantly reminded.

True love and peace come from the same sweet Source of Hope. Both are unconditional.  Both are everlasting.

Intercession is fervent prayer for others, but it is also living in my circumstances in a manner that shows others a better hope.

I stumble and mumble out prayers when I have no idea what to ask God. All the while, the Holy Spirit waits for me to remember that He’s there to intercede on my behalf. If I were in a foreign country with a trusted interpreter and really needed something, I would gladly relax and let him do the talking. So why don’t I do the same with the Holy Spirit?

Product key codes are essential to run my computer software. The same is true of my own software. If I am not happy with the results I’m getting, I need to turn my heart over and enter “John 3:16.” My heart has been paid for, and its code is good forever.

Christ loves only one way, with His whole heart. He knows that half-hearted love is worse than lukewarm water, and that’s why He’ll spit out anything less from me.

My thoughts shape who I am and where we go. The Holy Spirit will reshape my thoughts in a beautiful way if I let Him decide what stays and what goes.

Rest helps me to replenish and restore so I can do the work God has in mind for me.

God doesn’t need someone who is up for the challenge and ready to charge; He needs a body willing to go down for the count.

The mark of a perfect servant is one who isn’t noticed at all. A life hidden in Christ is precisely the same; I disappear as He becomes clear.

If I choose to retaliate, I end up in a vicious circle that leaves me filled with hate. If I choose to forgive, I end up at a beautiful cross that leaves me filled with love. The choice is always mine.

The difference between uniting and merging is about becoming one. God wants me to unite and be one with Him. Satan loves a merger; letting everyone have their way is what keeps him in business. Uniting is beautiful; merging is a mess. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I can have beautiful unity with God and others.

An open heart has hope in the One who fills it. If I fill it myself, I end up with stuff I don’t need. It’s like indulging in an all I can eat buffet, it tastes great, but leaves me feeling worse than empty when it’s over. God fills it perfectly in a way that leaves me satisfied and wanting more of the same.

Peace isn’t a lack of movement, but movement in God’s direction at His pace.  

Loving and breathing are alike. They are at the very center of my being and involve both filling and emptying. God bids me to love with every breath.

Listening to God means closing out the noise of the world. Being quiet is a start, but listening goes far beyond stillness and requires that I respond in way that shows I have truly heard the heart of God and others.

On the battleground, Satan fills me with facts and does his best to convince me that I am right. He says, “Keep on fighting.” Christ fills me with Truth and reminds us that His Father already won the war. He says, “Stop fighting and be still.”

Satan presents an awesome argument; Christ presents a truthful testimony.

God’s transforming Love never ceases to amaze me. When I put my focus where it belongs, it brings me out of my darkness and into His beautiful light.

A change of mind is a beautiful thing which affects the heart and soul in a way that transforms the spirit. My mind upon God. Until I allow Him to change it, He will not be able to show me what He has in Mind for me.

God loves openly and honestly and asks that I do the same. Love without response is dead. Loving God with transparency makes me more than alive, and it also makes me alove ♥

If our wellspring is not continually cleared with honest communion, it becomes a stagnant pool rather than a flowing spring. Thankfully, God sends His Spirit to help me remove the debris and get that sweet water bursting forth. I simply must recognize my need, identify the debris, and let the Spirit move through me.

When seeking wisdom, I will find confusion or wonder depending upon my attitude. Being filled with wonder is wonderful, but confusion most often leads to frustration.

The wise men were searching for answers and didn’t stop until they found Him.

When I find myself heavy-laden, I check my load. The weight of the world is dead weight that causes me to sink. Christ reminds me beautifully that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Mine is impossible to move alone.

It is up to me to choose faith over fear. Fear surrounds me with a noisy din that causes me to lose my way; faith surrounds me with a peace-filled love that allows me to be still and rest in God’s will.

It’s not enough to simply get rid of bad habits and thoughts, I have to let God fill my empty spaces with good habits and good thoughts so the old ones can’t come crawling back in.

A Merry-Go-Round is no better than a roller coaster when it comes to my heart. Both go in circles, but don’t go anywhere.

We learn love through humility, peace through surrender, and strength through meekness. God’s ways and the world’s ways are nothing alike.

Fear resides in my mind, and love lives in my heart. I’m learning to go with my heart♥

While the beautiful, expensive gifts carried half-way around the world were wonderful indeed, the sweet gift of love the Wise Men found when they saw Jesus was greater than anything they had ever encountered. Love is still the best gift.

Imagine a butterfly holding on to her cocoon while trying to fly. Transformation is never complete until I let go of my old identity.

Gifts reflect the love of the giver. Christ’s love is a perfect reflection of God.

If I surrender to the Spirit and abandon all to God, I can break free of the tie that binds me to this world. God’s precious Son’s love is a blessed tie that frees.

When I allow my spirit to be transformed, God will take the best in me and use it to bring out the best in others.

I find peace in God’s presence at the center of the vicious cycles of this world. Like the eye of a hurricane, His love offers rest and peace in the storm.

Love is a fire that must be fed. If I ignite sticks, paper, or straw, I get a bright flame that burns brightly, dies quickly, but never satisfies. If I let the Holy Spirit be a bed of glowing coals in my heart, God’s love warms my heart and satisfies my soul.

Wise folks still search for Christ; after they find Him, they go in a new direction. The search involves yielding the right of way to God.

When it comes to love, actions speak louder than words. Christ’s passionate journey to the cross speaks volumes and encourages me to follow in His footsteps and love with abandon.

Langston Hughes’ “the too-rough fingers of the world” in “Dream Keeper” describe those who suffer at the hands of others. God forgive us for turning our backs on those who are abused, and God forbid that we forget their pain; He doesn’t. As I sat at the funeral of a former student who died as the result of an abusive relationship, my heart broke as I thought of her pain and the pain of so many like her.

If I search for God in others and myself, I find a very special love that changes the way I live my life.

Faith brings peace and freedom to love as we rest in the hope that comes from Christ.

When I place my hope and faith in the sweet Love of Christ, I not only find peace but also joy beyond what I can imagine.

I cannot do God’s will unless I yield to His Spirit and allow Him to transform me. He never forces Himself upon me or anyone because He knows love cannot be coerced.

Watching the snow being plowed by the state trucks and my sweet neighbor reminds me that the snow reminds me I belong to a community and need others; it also makes heros out of those who clear my path:)

So very thankful God sees me through the lens of His Son’s Love. He sees what I can be, and that makes me want to live up to His image of me and see others as He sees me.

God gives me the opportunity to reach out and love Him and those in my path. When I decide to risk the reach, I’m forever changed.

Hope is the spark that refuses to die; faith is the movement that fans that spark to a flame, and love is the bed of glowing embers it creates. Love warms the heart and grows as I share it with others. In the old days, folks used to borrow fire by getting an ember from a neighbor’s fire; share an ember with someone whose fire has gone out, and it will warm your heart in a wonderful way

God doesn’t remove all obstacles from my path, but He does place His beautiful Son in my path to guide me around and over them.

It’s easy to love those who love me; the thing that will set me apart is loving those who are difficult to love. It is easier to do when I bear in mind that they need it most.

How does one become a butterfly?” she asked pensively. “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”
(from Bobbei Seay:) When I get alone with God, I feel the hope, faith, and love that transforms and allows me to be the new creature He has in mind. A beautiful friend reminded me this morning that I must want that new life more than the one I have. Thank you Bobbei!

True love, such as God’s, sees and brings out the very best in myself and others. The wonderful news is that I have within me the ability to love as He loves and can walk in His Kingdom right now.

As I watched Lillyann with her mess-free markers getting excited about each new blank page, I thought it would be wonderful to start each day with that attitude. I can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit will help me draw today with His special markers. They’re much better than my messy ones.

Christ was, is, and always will be meek, loving, and humble. The good news is that He never changes. May I follow His beautiful example.

You cannot get to the high places in the path if you keep one foot on the ground. Leaving the known and stepping up requires faith, and faith comes from hearing God’s comforting Word and obeying His call whether you or anyone else understands.

It’s humbling to learn that listening, loving, and learning is all that I can do. It is comforting to know that it’s enough.

Love transforms as it allows me to see, hear, read, write, and sing with my heart instead of my head. It turns the ordinary into something extraordinary

When God’s love becomes real to me, it changes the way I look myself, others, and the world. Everything looks different in the light of His love

God needs for me to be completely empty so He can completely fill. I don’t always let go of things easily, so He has to turn me upside down and shake a little:)

The beautiful thing about being emptied is that it leaves me humble and hungry for God.

Nothing helps my body more than deep breathing. Shallow breathing leaves me tired; deep breathing replenishes and enlivens me. The same is true when it comes to breathing in God’s Spirit. 

God brings me from darkness and solitude into Light and relationships that help me walk in His Kingdom now.

Children have a way of putting things into perspective; I guess that’s why Christ told us to be like them. Time with Lillyann reminds me of how important it is give time and attention to those I love

Criticism humbles in a painful way that causes me to shrink. Love humbles in a beautiful way that causes me to grow.

Pride comes between God and me. It takes on many forms, but self-pity is the most deceptive and most dangerous one.

I see and hear what I look and listen for. I’m learning that if I’m searching for God, I’ll see and hear Him in everyone and everything with the Spirit’s help.

It’s important to take time to rest and restore. Sweet blessings of joy and peace follow closely behind obedience, I thank God for the difficult lessons that give the opportunity for greater obedience.

Christ was humble, and God calls me to be the same. I prefer to work, do, and fight, He prefers for me to be still, allow Him to do, and make peace. I’m beginning to understand.

I must let go of all that separates me from God and allow Him to do all else. I’m no use to Him if I worry about that which only He can do.

God’s Word is a powerful and beautiful gift meant to help me find my way. It sheds a sweet light upon the path. (Matthew 5:13-20)

It doesn’t matter if I’m poor and pitiful or pompous and pious; both are about pride and come between God and me. I just feel better when I wallow in self pity. God sees it as all the same, and I end up judging others on either end. God and good friends hear my heart, let me vent, and love me anyway.

God’s Love lesson is a basic one. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and must love each other as He loves us. When I wrap my heart around that lesson, my world begins to change.

When I focus on finding God, I find He is all around me. I am His daughter, and this is His world. I sometimes forget that and have to be reminded.

I may not be able to do enough or be good enough to get to heaven by myself, but thanks to Christ, I can love enough to make a difference.

Love is a whisper, a squeal of delight, or just a quiet moment. As I approach God, I put away my lists and my complaints, bask in His sweet, warm love and love Him right back.

Love is the fuel that keeps me going, and God is the best filling station ever.

God creates a new heart in me; Christ gives instructions on how to love, and the Holy Spirit offers road side assistance 24/7.

God asks only that I love Him and others. Everything hinges upon these two requests which serve as a litmus test for my life. When I open my heart and let go of ‘i’, live becomes love♥

Burning bridges protects my heart, but helping those who hurt me come across when they need a hand makes my heart stronger and reflects the love of Christ in a beautiful way♥

Love is expressed beautifully in the Trinity. God’s love creates; Christ’s love saves, and the Holy Spirit’s love comforts. Our love should reflect the same qualities; if it doesn’t, then it’s something other than love.

Loving others is a beautiful way to validate everything, answer God’s call, and carry out Christ’s commission. Without love, nothing matters. With it, everything I do makes a beautiful difference.

As I looked at the beautiful full moon last night, I prayed I would turn my heart completely toward God, so I can reflect His love completely.

God places love within and around me. The trick is to keep my heart pure so I can see Him in others and in my beautiful surroundings. I am blessed with an amazing family and wonderful friends. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth♥

God’s love restores even the most fragile heart♥

Best friends bring out the best in me, and no one does that better than Jesus.

If I continue to think I deserve to be treated the way I am being treated, I will continue to be treated the same way. The Good News is that once I see myself in Christ’s light, that vicious cycle comes to an end.

The line between love and hate is shaped like a cross. I have to choose where I’ll stand. God is love, all the time. If I allow myself to hate, it breaks God’s heart and destroys my own. If I love with His help, it blesses Him, me, and those I love♥

The truth hurts deeply, but it enables me to move forward, see and hear God more clearly, and live a life of obedience that results in joy.

Love fills as nothing else can, and Lillyann fills me to the brim with her sweet love. I love waking up with her and listening to her excited little chatter first thing in the morning. So adorable.

I cannot grow unless I embrace change and learn to let go of what was and be fully present in what is and trust God with what will be.

God so desires for me to move beyond my consumer mentality and adopt His giving, loving one. It is a blessing to hear His beautiful messages and fellowship with one another around the table, but I have to take all He gives and share it with others. He fills me so that I may feed others.

Waking up with God is a lot like waking up with Lillyann, except I’m the one who’s chattering. He understands my excited ramblings better than anyone, and I love knowing He’s right there waiting for me to wake up.

The study of the Sermon on the Mount has been so powerful. This week, as I finish and look at my foundation, I pray I will be found on the solid loving rock that God provides for me in Christ. Any other foundation shifts and sinks when the rains come, and they will come. Christ helps me to find joy even in the storm.

I continue to find cages and safety when it comes to love. God bids me to trust Him and come curl up in the palm of His hand. I’m learning that loving Him isn’t as complicated as I once thought.

The Holy Spirit helps me take God’s Word and obey in a way that sets my life in Christ in a powerful way and helps me through the stormy times. God doesn’t promise I will not have tough times, but He does promise to be with me always.

God’s Word is a glowing bed of embers that draws me into His presence as nothing else can. When I find myself getting chilly, I bask in Its beautiful warmth.

God fills His world with lovingkindness. When His people are loving and kind, the world becomes a better place. If there is a lack of love or kindness in this world, it isn’t because of God but rather because I have forgotten to do what He asks me to do.

Feasting is fun, but it leaves me gorged and tired. Fasting is difficult, but it leaves me clear and focused.

The mountain top is tempting, but not what God has in mind for everyday. The eye of the storm can be just as peaceful as long as I stay centered.

There were so many lessons this week, but a very powerful one is that in order to make room for God in my heart and life, I have to do a little rearranging and cleaning first. It involves effort and letting go, but the end result is worth it.

God’s Word is a beautiful open meadow upon which I feed. There’s a quiet contentment as sheep graze together that is similar to like-minded folks gathering to feed upon His Word. It’s a beautiful way to grow nearer to God and to others.

Love requires response, and God’s is certainly no exception. Without response, love withers and dies. When I’m feeling wilted, I check my response to Christ’s love and the love of those around me.

The safety of a loving presence gives my heart a safe place to crash. Painful as that may be, it allows the freedom necessary for growth as God revives me in a beautiful way.

Stillness and patience are qualities with which I continue to struggle. Like a seed, I must trust, wait, and know that being broken is necessary if my heart is to get out of the darkness and into the light.

After work, I took off my make-up, put my hair in pigtails, had a great workout, and felt like a kid again. I think I may be on to something!God’s Word isn’t a battering ram to be used at my discretion to tear apart, but rather a beautiful Lighthouse filled with His Spirit and fulfilled by His Son to help me find my way back to Him.

God’s love is a pearl formed inside my heart to protect me from harm and soothe the hurts of this world. The bigger the hurt, the more valuable and beautiful the pearl He forms.

Love leads to faith; faith leads to obedience, and obedience leads to joy. That’s a beautiful path.

God loves deeply and bids me to do the same. If I love any other way, I am simply scratching the surface. He digs much deeper and prefers an open, plowed field for planting the seeds of His love. He knows that’s the only way the fruit of His Spirit will grow as He desires.

Everything is possible with God, but I allow my logic to limit His work in my life. I gotta believe in order to receive all that He has in mind for me.

Remembering how to fly is much easier when I have someone who believes in me and gives me the encouragement I need to get out of my cage and off the ground. Give someone a lift today.

As I felt the storm brewing yesterday and heard it break loose after I got home from church, I remembered my mother’s unnatural fear of storms due to the fact that her home was destroyed by a tornado when she was a child. I thought of my daddy taking me on the front porch during a powerful storm and telling me that lighting cleared the air and was necessary. That image helped me sleep peacefully last night.

Feasting and playing satisfies self and leaves the body full. Fasting and praying humbles the heart and leaves me hungry for His Word.

It doesn’t matter if I put a hard candy coating or ice around my heart; both will end up breaking. The heart is not meant to be contained. It must have the freedom to move. It’s a warm, soft, strong muscle made for both giving and receiving ♥

The world takes children and turns them into adults by having them stand on their on two feet. God takes adults and turns them into children by having them get down on their knees.

The world tells me to feel good and forget my troubles. God says my pain is real and bids me to feel it, hand it over to Him, and let Him heal my heart.

If I close myself off from my pain, my heart becomes a muddy mess. When I open my heart to Christ, He touches and heals me so very deeply that a wellspring flows from my heart, first in tears and then in clear cleansing water.

Healing and growing both involve pain, but it’s a good pain that makes me stronger.

The world says to grow up, but God says find my simplest self and be like a child because He knows  children love with abandon until adults teach them otherwise.

Christ spits on His hands, rubs them together, picks up the broken pieces of my heart, and helps me see His kingdom through the muddy mess.

Wholeness requires Christ to help me see the truth, feel the pain, and embrace my whole heart. I can only become whole through His love and grace. True love requires whole hearts to hold the sweet peace and joy He has in mind for me ♥

God helps me see His Truth so I can live a life filled with peace, love, and joy. His grace makes it possible for me to see Truth in a way that heals, frees, and allows me to love as He loves. 

Anticipation is so much better than expectation when it comes to love.

Sometimes God bids me to begin a new chapter, sometimes a new book.

The books in my life are arranged in a strange order. The first is Reliving the Past; the second is Worrying About the Future, and the one I’m just beginning is Loving in the Present ♥ I always do things in a round about sort of way, but this time it’s working out perfectly.

I sometimes long for a relaxed pace, but I know that peace and quiet is not as sweet as quiet peace. One makes me think all is calm; the other doesn’t depend on circumstance for stillness. 4/6/11

I imagine Lazarus didn’t do things the way he always had after Christ raised him from the dead. May the same be true for me when I die to self and live completely in His Spirit.

Christ offers beautifully clear living water. Heaven offers crystal clear beauty. God’s love offers transparent truth. The Spirit offers clarity that allows me to embody all three.

Jesus takes a battered body, a shattered heart, and a quenched spirit and applies His Father’s love, His grace, and the Spirit’s peace to each. He reconciles all and balances my heart in the process.

God said “I AM.” If I embrace that thought, I can live as if I know who He is, and be who He desires for me to be.

Offering and receiving love is the genuine way to witness to a world God created and loves dearly.

God’s church is not a building; it’s a living, breathing, loving body designed to worship Him and share His love with others. A building is fixed in one place, but a body’s got to move around and reach out.

So many conflicts revolve around the proper way to worship. God is love, and love unites in a beautiful way. If I spend more time genuinely loving God and others, I find the peace on earth He has in mind.

The path to the cross was a difficult one for Christ, but His love for me and desire to set me free kept His feet moving.

I have a special gift that only I can bestow upon this world, and I am beautiful in my own unique way. There is only one me.

As I learn to love as God loves, I allow those I love to be themselves. I love them the best way I know how. Letting them love me the same way frees my heart and theirs.

Reading God’s Word is like sitting down to a beautiful meal prepared with love. It leaves me wonderfully full on many levels.

When I know and love Christ, praise wells up inside of me, pours out, and allows my spirit to pour out into the world. I pray my heart will be open today as I recognize and share His tender, sweet lovingkindness.

Christ’s entry into Jerusalem showed clearly Who He was, is, and always will be-a humble, gentle, loving lamb who bled and died for me. May I have His passion for a world in need of a loving response.

God places sweet friends all along my path to listen, hug, smile, and talk. Good friends make the journey a joy.

God is less interested in plans, programs, and protocol than He is in love, grace, and peace. If I love, extend grace, and make peace, I won’t have to worry about rules and regulations. God is Love is all I need to know♥

As I remember the Last Supper, I am reminded that Christ loves everyone and reaches out with open arms asking His wandering family to come home and receive His love. I am not here to judge, but rather to receive and give love in a way that makes others want to do the same.

When I think of the cross, I am reminded of the wondrous love that put Jesus there. All He asks in return is that I receive it and pass it along.

Christ died so I could live a new life filled with His love. When I settle for less than God desires for me, I miss the resurrection He has in mind. I can be transformed if I believe, see that butterfly inside of me, and let His Holy Spirit lift me off the ground.

Christ’s loving resurrection calls for a response as does all love. How I respond says a lot about how I love.

Peace of mind is worth more than the greatest treasures this earth has to offer. Peacemakers have learned that sharing God’s peace makes it increase in a beautiful way. They are blessed indeed.

Yesterday filled me with a sense of new beginnings and thrilled me as I played with Lillyann and saw my new grandbaby’s little heart beating. Looking forward to the next leg of this amazing journey.

Nothing soothes the troubled soul like time alone with God, especially when there are storms inside and out. He calms both and gives sweet perspective.

I felt like a ship in the eye of a hurricane today, so the storm tonight is welcome. I always sleep like a baby when it storms.

God replenishes and renews in a beautiful way when I stop, listen, and relax in His arms. Stillness makes all the difference, as does trusting Him.

Sweet tribute to Virginia Pattillo this morning. What a loving, beautiful lady. She was my biggest fan and encouraged me with prayer, love, and laughter. I’ll miss her.

I wore the right color!! Lillyann has a sweet sister coming! I know how much I love my three sisters, and I can’t wait to meet Lillyann’s little sister.

With the Royal Wedding, we all turn our heads toward fairy tales and princes. Fantasy is fun, but it’s fiction. I’m ready for real when it comes to my heart.

Satan prefers power, pretense, and pieces; God loves honesty, healing, and wholeness.

I love watching Lillyann play; she was a hoot feeding the ducks and geese today. Every time a goose picked up a piece of bread, she’d say, “Good geese!”

God taught me a very “sweet” lesson this weekend with the monkey bread. He wants my heart to be a whole loaf because those tiny pieces of monkey bread may be covered with sugar and butter but they get pulled and picked apart until there is nothing left but a sugary crust on the bottom of the pan. My heart has resembled that pan.

I scurry around doing this and doing that; God sits and waits for me to be still, slow down, listen, and love♥

If I worship with only our ears and eyes, I have a beautiful, but superficial, experience. If we hear Him with my heart and respond with my body, it’s a moving experience!

Jesus waits for me to invite Him in and then He serves me. That was the powerful message from Luke tonight. The rest of the day was overflowing as I looked more carefully and listened more intently to what God had to say.

Self differentiation means being who I am meant to be. God loves for me to be that, but people prefer that I be who they want us to be. I’ve always been what others wanted because it’s easier, but I can’t love God and others the way God desires until I am who He created me to be.

Peace begins with rest, and rest begins with stillness.

Before I can be who I am, I must let go of who I am not and reach out in faith to who God wants me to be. I feel a bit like a trapeze artist in between the bars sometimes, but I know the Holy Spirit will catch me if I slip.

Watching Lillyann sleep peacefully. For the first time since mama died, my heart doesn’t hurt. May 6, 2011

I’ve always attempted to take God and fit Him into my life. I see now I need to let go of my life and become part of His.

Being a mother is a beautiful way God has showed me how much He loves me. I love my sweet son more than anyone on this earth, and God loves me more than that! God blessed me with a beautiful son, and I thank Him for the love Tyler brought, brings, and will continue to bring into my life ♥

Mama would have loved the hats at church today. I remember wearing hats and gloves to church as a child, and she grew up when you wouldn’t think of not wearing one. It was nice to remember her in a special way on this Mother’s Day.

Those who love best are those who know me at my worst and love me all the more. Christ is at the top of that list.

It is especially when I want to stop that I must keep going; I just have make sure I check to see who I’m following.

When I use the saying ‘What goes around, comes around,’ I am usually thinking in terms of revenge. What a difference it makes when I think in terms of love. God’s love goes around and should come around anytime one of His children enters the room♥

The precious Word of God connects me to Christ in a beautiful way. The more I read, the more I love Him; the more I love Him, the more I want to love Him.

Holiness is not about following a set of rules or doing certain things; it is a state of being where the Holy Spirit enters in as naturally as air coming into my lungs. I exhaust ourselves in trying when all the while, I simply need to be still and be filled.

Had such a sweet time with Lillyann. She rode her tricycle all by herself! I just love watching her learn and grow. May 13, 2013

By loving one another, I can manifest God’s will in the most beautiful way. I make loving complicated; God makes it very simple when I place my trust in Him and quit worrying about all the what if’s.

Repentance renews and revives the heart so I can answer God’s call to love Him with a whole heart. The pieces came together beautifully when He showed me it was my sin that broke it in the first place. So glad God is willing to clean up my mess with a love that makes me want to love in the same way.

Knowing I am loved changes everything and enables me to begin to be who God created me to be. Simple lesson that hasn’t been simple for me to grasp.

Pain reveals my truest self because it comes from the deepest part of my heart. As I own my pain, I begin to heal in a way that helps me feel the pain of others and connect in a beautiful way.

Having the right skills is good; having a natural talent is better, but loving what I do is the very best. Love changes everything ♥

It is a beautiful irony that only when my love is hidden in Christ am I able to find the freedom to love with an overflowing heart ♥

I can understand the pain of others, but absorbing it is beyond the capacity of my heart. I can hear the hurt and love the person; the rest is between them and God ♥

After a lifetime of fusion, the freedom to love others as they are and be loved for who I am is daunting on one hand, but very exciting on the other.

The world teaches me to clench my fists and hang on. God bids me to open my arms and let go. One encloses; the other empowers.

Lillyann reminds me of the lessons in love her father began teaching me when he was born. My heart delights when I’m around her, and that is what hearts are supposed to do ♥

The source of my love makes all the difference in the way it flows through my heart. That flow is what determines whether my heart will be a constant stream or a stagnant pool. God’s love won’t be contained.

The cross turns alone in the world to at one with God. Atonement allows me to be who I am meant to be and love as He loves ♥

When I walk in faith and trust in God, I find myself lost as I forget my way and go His ♥  

I seek healing and hope to help others heal, but I cannot help until trust God to hear my heart and help me hear the hearts of others. Hear+the cross=heart♥

Even little Lillyann knows the difference between good and bad. Evil is adept at disguising itself as good in the eyes of adults, but that’s where the Holy Spirit helps.

The beautiful news is that God’s Kingdom can come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven when Christians live and love as if they were already there. God’s presence makes it happen. May he be present in all I say and do each day.

I can choose to hide in the darkness that surrounds and creates a false sense of security or I can trust God, rise above it, and live fully in the beautiful light of His love ♥

Christ died so I could be one with Him as He is one with God. With the help of the Holy Spirit, atonement allows me to hide my heart in His. The journey takes on a new dimension, the burden becomes lighter, and the view is incredible ♥

The way to become one with God is to hide His Word in my heart. His Word is filled with His love; when I am filled with His love, I can’t help but share it ♥

If I look down or back, I get caught up in the chaos of this world; but if I look up, I find Christ’s grace, the Holy Spirit’s peace, and God’s sweet love at the still center of my storm.

The title of my autobiography should be “Take My Advice Because I’m Not Using It!!”

When I find myself confused, I look to what or to whom I am fused. God refuses to fuse, so I know it isn’t Him. He can and will break all my chains, but I have to acknowledge that I’m the one who put them there and want them gone. Otherwise, I’ll just find myself another set of chains.

God’s Word is a beautiful living expression of His Love. It is a “lamp unto my feet” and a “light unto my path,” but it is so very much more. It’s a warm embrace when I need it most ♥

Worries about “might have been” and “might be” keep me from enjoying what is, and I miss God in the present moment. It’s best to walk in His Kingdom now, loving Him and those He places in my path. Worries indicate a lack of trust, and regrets indicate a lack of repentance or forgiveness. Either will cause us to miss the moment ♥

God’s majesty is immeasurable, and His love is limitless. I am humbled by the fact that His heart is broken each time His love isn’t returned, and yet He continues to love ♥

I allow others to define who I am rather than seeing myself as God sees me. He sees His sweet Son in me; the trick is for me to have the same vision of myself and others ♥

Being centered is not the point; the point is what is at the center once I get there ♥

I don’t have to wait until I die to rest in peace. I can rest in peace right now. Peace comes if and when we choose to make it a priority. I am truly blessed when I decide to become a peacemaker and let go of my need to be right.

What a difference a week can make. Facing fears and recognizing insecurities enable me to focus on what’s truly important. Fears are like little round pebbles on the path. They seem harmless because they are small and smooth, but that’s just what makes them so dangerous. When I fall flat on my face, I get a great opportunity to get a good close look at them.

There’s nothing like love to keep my focus upon what’s important, and there’s no love like God’s. When I think of His love, all the small stuff completely slips away ♥

When my heart is hurt, I can take the hurt to my head and ask myself why, or I can take the pain to my heart, live through it, and let go of the need to understand or control it. Nouwen says, “Your heart is greater than your wounds.” I agree ♥

Love means being there for those you love; God is always present and always loving ♥

The constant hum of activity keeps me from hearing God’s voice. His voice is drowned out by everyday noises. When my routines are disrupted, I start talking. When I finish talking, I start listening. How transforming it would be if I would start with listening.

Atonement comes when love, peace, and grace become a beautiful, seamless state of being. God created me to embody all three just as He, the Spirit, and Christ do ♥

Worry insists that I latch on and try to fix; peace allows me to let go and let be.

The Holy Spirit offers a beautiful connection that allows me to be in constant contact with God. So thankful Christ makes the connection possible.

Yesterday would have been daddy’s 95th birthday. He saved my life when I was five. If he were alive today, I would thank him for lifting me out of the lake. I would also give him a big hug and tell him I love him ♥

It is best for me to be like a child as I approach God. I love kids, and being around them revives me in a very beautiful way!

Nothing is better than seeing Tyler with sweet Lillyann. Father’s Day reminds me of the love God has for all of us. Happy Father’s Day to the sweetest soul I know. I love you Tyler♥

I love singing with kids because they sing with abandon and don’t care if I’m off key.

God will consume all of me if I will only let Him. It’s a wonderful consumption that leaves me clear, clean, and without a trace of that which I left behind. When He cleans the house, I can see, hear, and feel the difference, and so can those around me.

Fear drove Peter into the shadows, and it has causes me to hide too. The beautiful news is that God loves me, no matter what ♥

When I remember that all I have belongs to God, it changes the way I look at control.

In the times of deepest anguish, I find my truest self. God knows sorrow and suffering are necessary to produce the fruit of His Spirit. I offer my love to Him, but only He knows when it is ready to be picked. He handles my love with tender hands ♥

Love is about giving, and God gives His grace to me every moment. It’s up to me to reach up, accept, and extend it to others. That creates a beautiful path indeed ♥

Before my heart can be open and ready to be filled, it must be broken and poured out. God requires open spaces ♥

Without self discipline, I cannot be a disciple. I’m thankful God is patient as I struggle with self control. I’m glad He lets me learn on my own and waits as I take the long way around to get to where He wants me to be.

As I love deeply, my heart becomes deeply plowed and ready to hear God’s Word and bear the fruit of His Spirit ♥

Looking at the Intercoastal Waterway and listening to the birds as the marshes wake up this morning. Beautiful hymn indeed even as the cars begin to hum along. I love the mountains as they reach up in worship, but the ocean touches my heart as it opens itself and pours out in praise. I have a little of both in me ♥

Walking on the beach, boogie boarding, and an afternoon of riding bikes all around the island has left me feeling like a kid. Edie said this morning that we were acting like two-year-olds. About that time a little three-year-old named Sophie came over and started to play with us. Fun:)

The sound is quiet this morning, and the ocean is calm. Peace is a freedom that defies description. Christ’s sweet love sets me free in a beautiful way that allows the Holy Spirit to fill me with His peace. Whether it’s the cool morning breeze or the powerful wind at sunset, I am reminded of the Holy Spirit.

Thinking of mama, my heart goes from fear to freedom and from pain to peace. It’s a beautiful feeling. Miss her so but glad she is in God’s presence ♥

Heading to Hampstead in search of some real sea glass. There’s nothing more beautiful. I love the way God takes the broken glass and turns it into something so amazing. Reminds me of what He does with my own heart ♥

Found some amazing sea glass and got to visit the turtle hospital. It touches my heart to see the turtles injured because they got in man’s way. The folks who work there are angels! The great news is that there are 57 nests along the shore this year.

Such a beautiful day on the beach. The weather has been perfect, and the time with Edie has been amazing. Heading to Beauchaines 211 for a relaxed three-course dinner.

Time on the island has reminded me of the importance of enjoying every moment and every mile along the journey and spending quality time with loved ones. Life is short, and relationships are all that matters ♥

Freedom comes when I stop fighting God, open my heart, and let Him has His way with me ♥

I love sea glass because, like my hearts, God takes the broken pieces that were tossed aside and creates something beautiful ♥

Beautiful worship service this morning. God’s Word is amazing, and I pray I never lose my thirst for it. It is a love letter that fills me with anticipation ♥

Regular routines are never regular if I allow God to work through me. That’s a beautiful lesson I’ve learned over the past four years. I’m looking forward to all God has for me, but I will truly miss the office ministry.

The rain remind me of the message Sunday. Sometimes God’s Word waters slowly and seeps deeply into our hearts, and sometimes It comes in a torrent and sweeps away everything that isn’t attached to Him. Both are necessary if I am to have a heart like His ♥

God uses external circumstances to wear away all that stands between His heart and mine. It’s a painful process; but it produces a purity and peace that soothes the soul in a beautiful way.

The beauty of prayer is that it takes a broken body and a hurting heart and turns it into a soaring spirit as I enter into His presence and let the worries of this world melt away. That’s what living in God’s kingdom is all about, and there is nothing better ♥

Confessing becomes a blessing when I open my heart in honest communication with God. He already knows all, but I have to see and hear for myself before I can move closer and find the freedom to be who He wants me to be. It’s so much better than having Him, or others, just tell me.

God’s Word creates a beautiful cycle. When it falls gently and is absorbed slowly, it seeps deeply to the root of my heart and allows the Holy Spirit to bring forth fruit that resembles Christ and returns to God. It’s a cycle worth getting into ♥

God’s love is expressed in His Word, His Son, and His Spirit. When I join the three, I have a wonderful foundation upon which God builds love and a life meant to last an eternity ♥

Had a wonderful time playing at Lillyann’s house. So very blessed to have her so close♥

Love defines us and determines how I see myself. The only thing better than being mom and Gigi is being God’s beloved daughter. Fully accepting His love enables me to be and see who He created me to be♥

In the path, there are those who are ahead of, behind, and beside me. I am here to help those who need a hand, have honest communion with those beside me, and learn from those who are further along ♥

Small steps have big results, and the first one is the hardest.

The truth, like God, is always waiting for me to see and accept so I can be free. The good news is that hope, love, and peace are sitting right next to them.

God asks me to fish not to sort.

It only takes a tiny seed to overtake the garden; the trick is letting God do the planting and weeding while I soak up His warm love and let His Word seep slowly to my heart ♥

A big bear changed my direction this morning, but I did get in a four-mile hike. Juneywhank Falls was a nice side trip that got my heart pumping even more than that bear did!

When I walk in God’s kingdom, I realize His peace is more valuable than everything else put together. It’s a small taste of what’s to come.

Life is all about connection. My relationships depend upon how I see myself and others. When I recognize God’s love in another and connect to that love, it is heavenly ♥

God’s grace is greater than my faith, and I would surely be lost without it ♥

Love is an ember that must be attended if it is to continue glowing. If left alone, it will slowly fade away and eventually die completely ♥

God gently asks why I insist upon filling my heart and body with that which harms me when He provides perfect food for both. Good question, and the answer is that I don’t trust Him to provide for me. What a silly girl! So glad He knows me better than anyone, teaches with gentle patience, and loves me more than I deserve ♥

Beautiful fruit comes from vines that are pruned and trained to grow upon the trellis. If left on their own, vines get tangled and trampled. People are the same way. God’s a great gardener; Christ is a beautiful vine, and the Holy Spirit is one terrific trellis.

Lillyann will love Thomas this morning and the Fun Depot this afternoon, but not nearly as much as she will love having her family together this evening. She is in heaven when she’s surrounded by the people who love her so much. Kids know what heaven’s all about ♥

Fear entraps and clings tightly. God’s love empowers by letting go ♥

When I take all I have, break it, and give the pieces to God, He will “bless with excess.” Beautiful lesson from the beautiful message this morning♥ (July 31 when I went down the aisle and gave all to God and prayed that He would use me to do His will, not mine. When John asked if any would stand beside me, a large crowd gathered, hugged, and held my hand. What a day:)

Two stiff boards crossed paths and tormented Christ’s body. Their rigid adherence to what the powers that be wanted killed His beautiful loving body for an instant. The boards rotted and disappeared; He rose from the grave stronger and more beautiful than ever ♥

Getting out of the boat isn’t the most difficult part of God’s call; it’s not letting the stormy water or the shouting voices take your attention away from Him. Glad He’s ready to give me a hand when I take a little dip.

Egos form disgripleship; God forms discipleship. Big difference in whose work gets accomplished.

I love lessons that turn me inside out! It’s what learning is supposed to do. “Yearning” by M. Craig Barnes did just that!

God’s call is to love Him with all my heart and soul and mind and strength and to love others as He loves me. His call isn’t a complicated one; it’s a compassionate one. It’s easier to work than to love; work wears out my body, but love breaks my heart ♥

God does not want perfection, an endless strive for perfection, or for me to be guilt ridden because I’m not perfect. He simply wants for me to know that I need Him and not try to be Him ♥ 

I finished reading “Yearning” by M. Craig Barnes last night. It touched my heart in a beautiful way and deepened my relationship with God. I love it when that happens! My favorite lines- “At the holy table of Jesus they’ve seen God’s slow-coming kingdom-not in spite of their brokenness but through it. With that hope, their needy lives are filled with divine significance ♥

In my longing for connection, I grasp, grab, and grip tightly. That leads to loneliness and broken hearts. God doesn’t cling and won’t allow us to either; His loving presence allows me to be who I am and see Him as He Is. A beautiful example of how love ought to be ♥

I have to smile when I hear folks wanting someone or something to keep them excited about God. Even in my relationships with other people, I suppose I look for entertainment or activities that will make me happy. While it’s wonderful to get together and have fun, true love is best ignited by quiet time alone with the one I love ♥

Pride, logic, and common sense get in the way of God. He lets me choose what fills my heart. Love and truth are God’s preferences ♥

The crumbs from God’s table are finer than all the food at the best banquet in the world, and being His servant is better than owning the largest corporations on earth. I love that about God♥

A hungry heart is much more effective than a skeptical eye when approaching God’s Word;)

As I come to recognize Who God Is, I have a much clearer vision of who I am. He is Love, and I am loved. Knowing that simple truth makes all the difference ♥

When I hate what I do, I and those around me are miserable. When I love what I do, it changes me and those around me in a beautiful way. God loves what He does♥ and loves it when I do too♥

Faith is the key to finding the sweet peace God has for me. If I sort of believe that Christ might be Who He says He is, I will sort of have some peace when things are going well. If He is really the Truth, the Way, and the Life for me, then God’s peace becomes real in my heart and my life ♥

Simplicity involves getting rid of the clutter that gets in the way of my witness. Deciding what has to go is the most difficult component of change, but God loves a clean open space in which to work ♥

When the wind gently blows through an open field of flowers, I can’t help but stop and notice the movement. The same is true when the Holy Spirit gently flows through me ♥

Some folks stomp through life making sure things get done the way they want; they leave a big impression. I prefer the folks who quietly love their way through life and leave an even bigger impression. Heart prints are bigger and better than footprints ♥

God finds me where I am and loves me as I am. He knows my heart better than I do ♥

God doesn’t need for me to drag Him along, convince Him, or encourage Him. He needs obedient disciples filled with love who will follow Him. So, if I find myself out in front, I quickly get behind Him and let Him do the lead.

Truth reveals love in a way that allows me to embrace others and God in a new and beautiful way and changes the way I see Him, others, and myself ♥

Satan tells me that it’s good to be alone, better not to trust anyone, and best to let fear determine my direction. God says it’s good to connect, better to trust Him, and best to let love lead the way ♥

I am called to share God’s love with all those who need it, even if they are not like me. Christ was constantly asked by both His disciples and the Pharisees what He was doing associating with “those” folks. His simple answer was and still is, “The will of my Father.” May I follow His example and get out of my comfort zone and into His ♥ 

God doesn’t mind my coming to Him with lots of questions; He does, however, have a problem when I come to Him with all the answers.

True love loves the truth. Honest communion creates a beautiful bond that allows a freedom unlike any other here on earth, but just like that above ♥

The end of one road is the beginning of another unless I am on the road to nowhere.

When I allow Christ’s living water to come in contact with my parched soul, it blooms like a desert flower ♥

Fear freezes with isolation and inaction; lust fries with selfish desire, but love frees as nothing else can ♥

Position is powerful. Christ asks me to follow Him not His example. Too often I plunge ahead and try to be Him. The most powerful position for me is following as closely and humbly as possible ♥

If I live as though the end is near, fear will drive me into a frenzy of self preservation. If I live as though God is near, love will take me to a place of perfect peace ♥

The living water God offers is right in front of me, but I try to quench my thirst in other ways. His love satisfies as nothing else can. What a comfort to lie down “beside the still waters” and let Him fill my heart to overflowing ♥

I get my last paycheck today! I’ve worked for forty-four years and enjoyed and learned at each job God placed in my path. I am, however, looking forward to going from gainfully employed to beautifully deployed and plan to enjoy volunteering and spending time with my sweet family and friends ♥

If I want to know how my life is going to turn out, I just take a look at how my days are turning out.  

Nine years ago today, I made the difficult decision to leave my marriage of thirty years. A well-meaning doctor in the emergency room the week before I left told me I needed to work things out with my husband. Glad I listened to God who told me I deserved more ♥

According to God’s Word, Christ is the groom and we are His bride. A prostitute says, “I’ll love you if you give me what I want.” A mistress says, “I’ll love you, but no one can know about you.” A beautiful bride loves openly and with abandon and delight.  

The only arms a Christian should be “up in” are Christ’s. When I fight like a Christian, I open my arms as He did and reach out in love. Loving my enemy is the surest way to win the battle ♥

The closer I get to God, the better my decisions become.

Had the sweetest dream before waking this morning. Mama was there and we were renovating the little house behind my childhood home. God’s message was a clear and beautiful one. He and mama showed me how love transforms beautifully by simply seeing potential and removing a little junk ♥

Saw “The Help” tonight and was moved by the message that is as relevant today as ever. My life is interwoven with all those with whom I share the journey; it’s easy to become unraveled when I forget that. Love is a powerful loom ♥

When love accompanies forgiveness, the journey leads to a peaceful freedom very like the atmosphere in God’s Kingdom ♥

If I give my heart completely to God, He will refine and fill it with Christ’s precious, perfect love so I can love Him and others with a love that lasts forever. He knows just how to handle a heart ♥

We looked at Joseph tonight during our Bible study. I love Joseph because he didn’t think at all about what happened to him, only that he was in God’s plan. He is someone I would love to sit and talk to; he extended grace in such a beautiful way♥

True forgiveness uproots bitterness and allows Christ’s living water to reach the deepest depths of my parched soul; my heart is beautifully healed in the process ♥

When God is the source of my hope, I am able to freely forgive as His Son did so beautifully knowing that God will use all that happens in ways that will change and amaze me if I will only trust Him ♥

I’ve always been the eternal optimist; I realize now that God is a God of hope, not optimism. My hope is in Him. Knowing that He is there in all my circumstances changes the way I live my life ♥

Today is a day to remember that evil is most surely destroyed when I love and forgive those who do me harm. Forgiveness and love together is the most powerful force both here and in heaven, and Christ is the perfect example of both. May we follow Him today♥ 9/11/11

Stereotypes and prejudices give birth to fear; fear causes me to stay where I am. God’s love gives me the courage to go where He would have me go and leave fear behind. Faith and love will not accompany fear, so I have to make the choice of staying with fear or stepping out with faith ♥

As I come into God’s presence, my fervent prayer is one of gratitude for not giving me what I deserve but offering grace, love, and forgiveness in ways I can’t begin to understand ♥

I can’t walk in His kingdom with one foot in my Queendom.

Our study of Jonah tonight reminded me that God’s grace and love extend beyond my comprehension. I pray I will embrace those who are not like me and celebrate God’s compassionate nature ♥

In order to know God, I must first know love. His love is not like mine just as His ways are not like mine. I restrict, define, control, and expect love in return. He simply and beautifully loves all ♥

How beautiful it is to be loved ♥ God is love, and He is always around. I am just too busy to notice Him most of the time. What do I  have to do that’s more important than God? ♥

Lillyann’s napping peacefully, and we are still waiting for Mylah. As Lillyann fell asleep, she was watching an Anne Geddes lullaby video. She was jabbering away about her little sister and how she was going to hug her and play with her. My heart was taken to a beautiful new place ♥

Lillyann and I are enjoying a cheese omelet and some toast with blueberry jam. I love sleeping with her next to me, and having breakfast with her is icing on the cake. Can’t wait till she sees her sweet baby sister today ♥

Seeing Lillyann and Mylah together was so very sweet. Mylah is beautiful and amazing. She is definitely the strong, silent type, and she captured all our hearts. Lillyann talked and talked about how Mylah didn’t cry and how she tried to talk to her but sounded like a kitten ♥ 

Just took Lillyann home, and my heart is as full as it has ever been. Watching her love Mylah is as good as it gets. What a sweet little family. I thank God for the love He has so graciously given me ♥

Had a wonderful visit with the kids. Lillyann is doing so very well as a big sister. The biggest problem so far is that she can’t feed Mylah. So funny and so adorable. I already miss my little playmate. I’ve decided she’s inspired a new diet- “Eat, Play, Sleep” I lost 3 pounds in 3 days!

It’s been a week of very difficult learning, but God put a sweet miracle in my path to help me get my priorities in order and see Him more clearly. He cannot and will not be contained, and He doesn’t want me to be either. A good dose of reality clears the vision and the heart in a powerful way ♥ 

The priests who questioned Jesus about His authority were concerned about losing theirs. It was hard for them to give up control, and it is just as hard for me.

God speaks to me through many voices and in many ways, but none is more powerful than the sweet little squeak of a newborn which clearly says I love you ♥

There’s a lot of truth in the old saying, “I can’t hear what you’re saying because what you’re doing is so loud!” Make sure actions and words match before heading into the day.

Beautiful thought in the book I’m reading this morning. Dallas Willard says, “The condition of our hearts will determine who along our path turns out to be our neighbor, and our faith in God will largely determine whom we have strength enough to make our neighbor.” Wow ♥

Love must have a clear path. Sin gets in the way and complicates the sweet simplicity God desires for me. Sin doesn’t go with anything but selfishness; get rid of one, and you get rid of the other ♥

The living water Christ offers is composed of sincere tears of repentance that come from knowing who He is and how He loves. They water the heart and quench the thirty soul so I can bear the fruit of His spirit ♥

The Ten Commandments are as important today as they ever have been. The best way to display them is to obey them♥

God doesn’t have a hidden agenda or selfish motives; His simple plan is for me to love Him and love others ♥ I complicate His plan with my agendas and motives.

In God’s presence, I get a true sense of the theory of relativity.

Fear of abandonment causes  me to hold tightly, but love cannot grow until I let it go ♥

Of all the commandments, the first is the one that causes the most angst. Putting God first and making sure I don’t have any other gods in my life is the first and most important step in living the life He intends for me to live♥

If I want to live in the Spirit, I should learn learn from a child. They still have the abandon we adults leave behind. Maybe that’s why it’s called abandon. Loving with abandon is what living in the Spirit is all about ♥

The safest place for my heart is in God’s hands. He heals as He holds ♥

Love is the fruit of the Spirit and reflects the One Who is Love and sent His Son to give me the sweet comfort His Spirit brings. God’s commandments are much simpler when I allow the Spirit and the Son to define them. I have the tendency to twist and turn them around to suit me; He brings me back to His simple Truth ♥

The October sky is my favorite color on God’s art palette. The way He uses it touches my soul and warms my heart as He paints the background for my favorite time of year ♥

Beautiful day from start to finish. No words to describe the joy in my heart as I held Mylah, talked to Gina, and listened to Tyler and Lillyann playing in the floor. That is as good as it gets ♥

If I want to live as He wants, I must let His sweet living water wash away all the muddy memories of the past and quench the thirst my soul has for the love He offers anew each day ♥

No place shows trust more than the face of a loving child; I suppose that’s why Christ said to be like them ♥ They love with abandon until they are abandoned, then they become adults far too quickly. How much better it is when I abandon my fear and love the One Who never leaves me. Then, I can become a kid again and love the way God loves ♥

Jesus and Moses show me beautifully what happens when I pray fervently for others. Intercession is powerful and connects a loving heart to the very heart of God. There is no greater way to love; it’s a love that makes a difference in my own hearts and then spills out into the world ♥

God fills my heart with His desire and knows my heart better than I do. He knows exactly what I need when I need it. He is Love, so it’s best to let Him lead when it comes to matters of the heart ♥

Each time my heart is broken, there is a new opening which let’s in a little more of His light and love. It’s far better to have a heart that has been broken many times than one that has never been opened ♥

As I looked at the splendor at 5000 feet yesterday, I was reminded that God’s glory is all around me. When I want to see His glory, I just have to open my eyes, my mind, and my heart. He takes my breath away when I do ♥

The truth is often very difficult to absorb, but it is the way to healing. Love helps temper the truth, and God’s love is a sweet balm that soothes the hurting heart. So glad His “I love you” doesn’t end with “,but…”

Closing the book and thinking that “Gullible’s Travels” might be the best title for this volume. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for the sequel.

Rendering to God what is His involves giving Him my heart. He asks me to let Him hold it because in the hands of this world, it is abused, used, neglected, and discarded. In His hands, it is a fertile field suitable for producing the sweet fruit of His Spirit ♥

The lessons this week have been the most humbling so far. I am so very thankful that God loves me; otherwise, I would be a little cinder ♥

Satan loves it when I nit pick the Bible and pull out the scriptures that fit my agenda. God loves it when I see the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth that His Son fulfilled and His Spirit leads me through. God’s path leads to love ♥

The irony of the hate-filled movie Agenda is that images of Hitler abound. They may have a point about dumbing down because Hitler was the poster boy for the far right. In fact, their message sounds exactly like his if you listen closely. At least they got the title right; they certainly have an agenda, and it breaks my heart to see folks using God’s name in such a horrible way. Evil disguises itself as good, but God gives the Holy Spirit to help us discern the Truth.

Christ bids me to love God and to love others as myself because He knows that love is the point of living and allows us to walk in His kingdom now. I am designed to love, and my heart is filled when I connect to and through His precious love ♥

I must be mindful of what I ask for as I go to God. Often I am like a two-year-old wanting what will hurt me. I’m glad He sees me with loving eyes and thankful that He guards me from my desires and gives me His ♥

Lillyan and I had a picnic and played in the park. When we got to her house, the horses were eating hay by the fence. She got so excited and had to go over and watch them eat. She skipped all the way up to the house to tell mommy and daddy the horses had a picnic too:] I love hanging out with her♥

Life without love is a well without water. Life with God’s love is an overflowing fountain that fills and spills over into the lives of others ♥

Life leaves a wake as I travel on this journey. If I love as Christ, that wake will open hearts and allow God’s love to flow from Him to me to others in a way that will move and transform in a beautiful way ♥

The Holy Spirit makes me feel comfortable when I am where I need to be and uncomfortable when I am where I don’t need to be. Simple until I try to make the uncomfortable comfortable; then I have a feeling worse than uncomfortable. I’m learning to relax and go with the Spirit’s lead. Life is much more peaceful when I do.

There is nothing more freeing than honest communion. The lesson this week has been that the truth may hurt initially, but it transforms and opens up my heart in a new and beautiful way ♥

Seeing the truth is necessary if I am to live and love as God desires. True love can only happen when truth and love come together. One without the other leads to hurt and emptiness; but put them together, and you have something very beautiful indeed ♥

As I allow God to cut away all in my heart that doesn’t please Him, I am a new and beautiful creature. He’s much better than the best plastic surgeon in the world, and His transformations last forever ♥

It’s so important to stop and take time to relax and restore. It’s great to do for others, but occasionally I need to just stop and spend some time with God ♥

Going from “loving pleasure to the “pleasure of loving”(M. Volf) is transforming♥

The best teachers pass along a love of their subject to their students. That was the difference between Christ and the Pharisees. They knew the law and could teach and debate. Christ loved God and can reach and relate♥

Truth without love is simply a measuring stick; the Truth with Love brings God’s Word to life in my life in a beautiful Way♥

Love makes all the difference when living the life God desires for me. Christ defines love for me, and the Holy Spirit helps me express it ♥

When I place my heart upon the glowing embers of Christ’s precious love, the Holy Spirit will blow gently upon those embers and cause a beautiful flame to glow and grow. God’s love surrounds with a love that warms forever ♥

It isn’t how much knowledge I have about a subject that matters, but rather the passion I have when you talk about it. I love to be around those who love God in a way that shows in their voices and their hearts ♥

If I had the opportunity to go back and change my past, I would politely decline because my past shaped my present, and I love where I am now ♥

When I love God and obey His commandments, His Word and His world take on a new life. Christ fulfilled the law with His complete obedience and His undying love. Perfect combination that still works today ♥

Karma is about choices. Good choices lead to good karma ♥

I can love freely and with abandon if I let God hold my heart in His ♥

Being ready involves much more than thinking I have all I need. It’s about knowing I don’t and having my heart in the right place ♥

Rearranging and clearing out makes a big difference as it creates a new space and gives needed room in a cluttered place♥

When equally distributed, weight and burdens are lighter, and muscles and moods are brighter♥

God knows every corner of my heart. When I let Him dig deeply, His love takes root in my heart, and I am able to reap the fruit of His Spirit in a beautiful way♥

The best way to develop an attitude of gratitude is to focus upon all God has given and trust that He really does know what He’s doing.

I am simply called to love God and others and can only be responsible for my response to His love. Keeping my heart open and filled with love keeps my lamp burning while I wait ♥

I am called to love and encourage. It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference, and love lifts me as I lift another ♥

It’s hard to take inventory and then get rid of those things which no longer belong in my heart, but the cleared space creates a perfect place for all the wonderful things God has waiting for me ♥

God has a way of doing things that I don’t always understand, but I trust Him completely and know that He is God and knows what He’s doing. I, on the other hand, am not and do not.

The heart, like all muscles, must be flexed and extended. It is the most important muscle in my body, and atrophy occurs when it isn’t used. Extending it causes it to tear, but tearing makes it stronger. An unused heart gets very weak, but a broken one gets a little stronger each time it mends ♥

You can’t make up for lost sleep, but a wonderful night’s rest helps me begin again. The same thing is true for love. You can’t make up for lost love, and fretting about it only makes it worse. God will not give me back lost sleep or lost love, but He will help me sleep and love in a wonderful way if I put my trust in Him ♥

Seeing beauty in others and delighting in them helps them and me bloom and bear the fruit God desires in my life ♥

When guilt motivates my actions, bitterness results. When love is behind my obedience, joy abounds♥ When I lose my joy, I look at my motivation.

When the focus is on me, I am in my spotlight; when the focus is upon Christ, He is my searchlight. The light I choose makes all the difference in this world and the next ♥

Without gratitude, the heart becomes a stagnant pool choked with discontent. With gratitude, the heart is a clear inviting spring. When I’m feeling a little clogged, I count my blessings to get the love flowing freely again. Works every time ♥

When I consider the consequences of sin, I forget the most important one. It breaks God’s heart. I wonder how I can forget and how He can forgive, then I remember the cross ♥

It isn’t the building in which I worship, but the heart with which I worship that makes the difference when loving God. Denominations and doctrines create barriers and distance, but devout devotion creates beautiful oneness with Him and others ♥

God is always at every turn; I just don’t always notice ♥

When I find yourself traveling alone on the journey, it’s a wonderful time to be still and get to know God a little better. He’s always available and loves it when I take a moment to be available too ♥

Love and gratitude go hand in hand. God is love; when I truly know that, I look up to Him and out to those I dearly love and say thank you with a full heart ♥ It is the very least and most I can do ♥

Love is the only thing that keeps me centered. Like a top, my heart spins beautifully when given a tiny loving spot upon which to balance ♥

The most beautiful gift Christ gives us is a another chance ♥

Waterfalls are wonderful to watch, but they are very dangerous if I get too close. A cool spring may not grab my attention, but it offers a sweet drink and creates stillness in a beautiful way ♥

The way we prepare for a special occasion says a lot about us and our destination. We make lists and make sure that we cover everything when the upcoming event is important to us. As we wait with joyful anticipation, I pray we will prepare our hearts for Christ’s return as carefully as we prepare for the holiday that points to His birth♥

A starving heart is easy prey, and predators know that a small morsel of affection will keep it entrapped. Christ knows that love thrives in full, free hearts ♥

God gives me His love, resources, and talents. What I do with what He gives shows my gratitude ♥

As I pray for one others, I not only grow nearer to God but also to them, a beautiful connection ♥

The thing I love most about learning is that sweet moment when I finally get it. The only thing better is when I help someone else get it.

Love that centers on self manipulates; love that centers on others allows manipulation; pure love finds its way to the center where Christ abides with a beautiful balance that allows both hearts the freedom to love Him ♥

My response to God’s love and forgiveness is repentance and obedience ♥

The world puts walls between people, but sometimes our guard is the toughest wall to penetrate. Reaching out requires faith and courage, but it’s worth the relationship that comes when I do ♥

The journey is about learning how to walk in His Kingdom. Like a toddler, I often lose my balance; but like a loving parent, God is always there to give me a hand, encourage me to keep trying, and celebrate each step along with me ♥

No one exemplifies simplicity better than John the Baptist. Turn from sin and turn to God isn’t difficult doctrine. I understand it, but sometimes I let what I want get in the way. John the Baptist reminds me that the path to God is simple and straight by pointing to One who paves the Way with Love. Effective witness is simple ♥

The most precious friends point me in the direction of Christ. They not only see me in the light of His sweet love, but they also help me to see myself in His light. It’s truly “on earth as it is in heaven” when that happens ♥

The joy I find in Christ is the best witness I can offer to a world in need of joy and the sweet hope Christ offers to all of us ♥

When I am facing God, others are drawn to Him. When I am focused upon myself, I am drawn from Him and so are others. As the moon reflects the sun’s light, I can reflect God’s love in a way that makes others want the same ♥

When I was taking Lillyann home, we were looking at the moon. She squealed, “I saw a Weindeer!!” I had to smile as I remembered that I used to see reindeer too when I looked at the full moon around Christmas time. I love kids because they remind me what is and isn’t important. Wonder when I quit seeing weindeers ♥ 

Every morning, God offers a new beginning. When I accept His offer, I’m amazed at all He has in store ♥

Patience has always been a challenge for me. I’m learning that waiting for God requires much less patience than waiting on people. People come and go as they please, but God never moves and simply waits for me to come to Him. Glad He is patient and continues to wait even though I go around in circles trying to find what only He can provide ♥

Nothing is more beautiful than the peace that comes when I let the Holy Spirit lead the way ♥

A little love goes a very long way in this world ♥

Teaching is the most beautiful way to learn ♥

God put a sweet little story in the path this morning to help with some of the lessons this week. Brer Rabbit’s encounter with Brer Snake reminded me that putting a snake in your pocket is never a good idea!

I love sea glass! What God does with a broken piece of glass tossed into the ocean amazes me and reminds me of what He’s done with my broken heart ♥

God makes clear that what I cannot see on my own, especially in matters of the heart. He is Love, and the heart happens to be His specialty. Lessons in love are never easy, but with God’s help, I can learn how to love and live the life He desires for me ♥

The beauty of being blindsided is that I learn a lesson you don’t soon forget, and I find myself in the perfect position for prayer-flat on my face and very humble ♥

Fear from a nightmare and fantasy of a fairy tale hold the heart captive. God sets the captive heart free with honest communion and invites it to love as never before ♥ 

Being myself in a world designed for conformity isn’t easy, but the freedom I find when I do is well worth all the wiggling.

God reaches down to where I am so He can embrace me in a way I can understand. I reach back up and give Him a great big hug and thank Him for the beautiful gift of salvation His sweet Son makes possible. I know He will feel just the way I do when Lillyann squeezes me.

If I chase love, it will slip away. If I am still, I see that I am already surrounded ♥

Beautiful celebration of Linda Penland’s life today. She touched me with her love, tickled me with her humor, and taught me with her honest communion. I’ll miss her very much ♥

Love truly is all around if I open your heart, be myself, and let God show me how His love can transform ♥

Very glad to have, but I do enjoy the quiet and the candles when I don’t. There is a beautiful stillness that comes when the lights and the noise of the world go away for a while ♥

Rest is so very important for my body, my heart, and my soul. So often, I keep going when I need to be still. I am learning to soak in the restorative peace that comes when I take time to stop and rest. It makes all the difference and allows time to just be for a bi t♥

God asks me to love in a way that turns my hearts upside down and inside out ♥

Knowing I am loved changes me. Knowing that God loves me changes everything ♥

Each year, God gives me a brand new year, a new beginning. Each year, I have the opportunity to begin anew. My resolution this year is to see myself as He sees me and stop settling for less than He desires for me. Giving up crumbs and leftovers for a full meal when it comes to life and love. I plan to let Him do the cooking and enjoy the meal He has in mind ♥

Aloha is a perfect word for New Year’s Day. It means hello, goodbye, peace, compassion, mercy, and affection. That covers it ♥

God uses ordinary circumstances to teach extraordinary lessons, and I am proof that He can teach an old dog new tricks ♥

God doesn’t need for me to do His work for Him; He has the Holy Spirit to do that. He just needs for me to let His Spirit have free reign in my heart, love Him, and love one another ♥

Nothing is more freeing than the truth spoken with love. It transforms the heart in a beautiful way ♥

The Holy Spirit is the beautiful breath of God’s love that sustains and guides me each moment of every day. Trying to live without His Spirit is like trying to breathe in a vacuum ♥

Being careful is important; being prayerful is essential ♥

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I’ll take the real thing because it doesn’t require an explanation.

The Holy Spirit enables me to see my true self and be who I am created to be ♥

God’s prophets call for change that scares some folks and excites others. I think of dear little Samuel and how he must have felt when God called his name. God will not be defined by my expectations and often takes me outside of my comfort zone so I can grow in ways I never dreamed ♥

Renewal comes when I take a deep breath of God’s love. The Holy Spirit offers CPR (Christ’s Precious Revival) 24/7. All I have to do is empty out my heart and breathe deeply ♥

Getting carried away is great as long as the Holy Spirit is the one doing the carrying.

True obedience is taking no for an answer without sulking or having to have an explanation. I’m getting better, but I still have a way to go. It helps to remember that obedience leads to joy and that God does know what He’s doing ♥

If I keep going down the same road knowing it’s a dead end, I shouldn’t be surprised when I’m hurt or disappointed.

God is a loving Father, Brother, and Companion. He knows what’s best for me and needs my obedience for that to happen. He’s been through all I’ve been through and much more, and He will never leave nor forsake me. I choose whether or not to allow Him to share my journey. Sounds like a no brainer, but relationship requires response and commitment. The choice is mine; He’s already responded and is completely committed ♥

The fruit of God’s Spirit is love. Once I get a taste His love, my heart won’t settle for anything less♥

God’s ways and my ways are very different. I’m so thankful for His patience with me as I do my best to learn from all He places in the path. The Spirit helps me apply love to my circumstances, and that changes everything ♥

Refining is never an easy process; it requires letting go of all that isn’t part of God’s plan for me. The shine that results is well worth the wait and the pain ♥

Amazing things happen when I give God the chance to speak, listen to what He says, and do what He asks me to do ♥

God not only uses my talents and resources to do His work, He also uses my weaknesses if I will recognize them and hand them over to Him. Those weaknesses humble and remind me that I am not God and need Him ♥

The lessons in listening this week have been more about who than how. Hearing a voice is one thing, knowing to whom it belongs is another. Samuel’s life changed forever when he recognized God’s voice calling him ♥

God is faithful to give an extra measure of peace as I hear and obey. Beautiful rest comes when I accept that He is God and knows what He’s doing. This week, He loved me, caught my tears, laughed with me, and helped me see things in His light ♥

God not only gives light at the end of the tunnel, He also gives sunshine at the end of the storm.

Being around children always puts life into perspective. Their lives are so very simple, and mine would be too if I would be more like them ♥

Serving Eli gave Samuel the discipline he needed to serve God ♥

Loathing self immobilizes the heart with icy hatred; loving self consumes the heart with fiery lust. Loving Christ frees the heart from both ♥

God prefers a fragile heart to one that has hardened. A heart broken and poured out yearns for His healing hand ♥

When I say, “I can’t bear it,” He says, “Alone.” When I say, “I can’t go on, ” He says, “Alone.” When I say, “I can’t do it,” He says, “Alone.” He gently reminds me that He is there, and I am not alone ♥

When it come to obedience, attitude makes all the difference. Joy comes when I trust God and obey without whining.

I’ve loved reading for decades, but I never had a personal relationship with the written word until I got close to God’s Living Word ♥

As I share God’s love, may my passion and compassion make others want it too ♥

If I were heading out for a fishing trip this morning, I’d gather your gear and look for a great spot where I knew I would be likely to catch some fish. God calls me to do the same thing each day as I go out into His world and tell others the Great News of beautiful hope ♥

I marvel that in countries where it is illegal to be a Christian, folks gather to worship knowing they will face torture and loss of property if caught. That’s devotion and love we lose when we take our freedom to worship for granted and forget what Christ did for us ♥

God created me in His image. I have a special and unique personality and am gifted with beautiful talents that He will use to help His Kingdom thrive on earth as in heaven. I must hear how He would have me use those gifts and then follow through with the help of His Holy Spirit if I want that to happen ♥ 

I’ve needed God’s Word this week, and It’s kneaded me!! When I struggle with His Word, I feel as if I’ve been worked over by a prizefighter. When I relax and listen, I feel as if I’ve had a deep tissue Swedish massage. Both hurt, but one leaves you bruised and the other leaves you better ♥

Love allows me to truly know God, others, and myself. Hell isn’t fire and brimstone; it’s the absence of love. Heaven is the absence of all else ♥

Knowing the right thing to do is child’s play, so why is doing it so very hard. It humbles to know I need help, and it blesses when I accept help from the Holy Spirit and dear friends who keep me accountable ♥

My habits determine my disposition; my disposition forms my lifestyle, and my lifestyle paves my path. If I want to head in the right direction, I have to let Christ develop my habits. If I ask Him to direct my path when I already have my paving in place, the journey will be more difficult ♥

Prayer warriors trust God; prayer worriers don’t. When I find myself fretting, I remind myself that He Is God and knows what’s He’s doing.

Like a seed, love must have light in order to grow. Like a growing plant, my heart must be nurtured and will not survive when covered up or hidden away ♥

Time in the desert develops a thirst that I try my best to quench. I am not ready to come out until I understand that only Christ’s Living Water will satisfy. The longer I wander, the greater my thirst becomes. I am tempted sorely, but God provides His Holy Spirit to help me drink deeply, stop wandering, and walk in His Kingdom ♥

Such a beautiful day!! Spent most of the day with Lillyann and got to squeeze sweet little Mylah and visit with Gina. God has blessed me with a sweet loving son, a beautiful daughter-in-love, and two adorable little grand daughters. I’m so very thankful for all the love He’s placed in my path. I’m surrounded♥

Trials and temptations cause suffering that draws me nearer to others and to God as I relate and love as God desires ♥

Christ knows the joy of love and obedience. He wants me to know it too ♥

The woman at the well was looking for love; Christ recognized her thirst and filled her heart with a love that satisfied as nothing else. He still offers that living water today ♥

True love lifts me up, lets me go, and allows me to be more than I can be alone ♥ 

I am surrounded by love if I simply open my eyes and my heart and accept it. I’ll take snuggling with a baby to diamonds and flowers any time 

Love frees my heart in a beautiful way as I share it ♥

Humans put birds in cages, plants in pots, and fish in tanks. God puts birds in the open air, plants in the earth, and fish in the open water. He understands, and so should I, that freedom is necessary for them to be who He intended for them to be. I take His beautiful creation and try to contain and control it. I do the same with hearts, but God knows the heart must be free in order to love as He desires ♥

Love doesn’t demand a response or expect to be returned. It has hope and offers joy and peace to those brave enough to trust ♥

The journey is joy-filled when shared with those who are as excited as I am about doing God’s work and who share His love, hope, joy, and peace in a lifestyle of compassion ♥

Never underestimate the power of love. It doesn’t take a lot to lift a spirit. Emily Dickinson said it best, 
”If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;If I can ease one life the aching or cool one pain, or help a falling robin back into her nest again, I shall not have lived in vain.”

The season of Lent reminds me that simplicity empowers my witness in a beautiful way and that temptations temper my heart and remind me that I have help and am not alone♥

Love will lead the way if I let go of the need to lead:)

Pleasing others leaves me depleted and alone. Pleasing myself leaves me gorged and alone. Loving God and others as myself leaves me surrounded and satisfied ♥

My heart and spirit are meant to fly. Love spreads my wings and lifts me to places I cannot go alone ♥

Reacting in fear shows a lack of trust; responding in love reflects faith. If I believe God is Who He says He is, love comes naturally as I trust Him with the results ♥

Nothing keeps me from enjoying God’s Kingdom more than beating myself up. He doesn’t do that, and He really doesn’t like it when I do ♥

Sincere tears of repentance are a warm spring rain that falls gently on the newly plowed and sown field. They melt away the icy cold darkness of winter and bring the promise of new life. Seeds sown in the spring bear beautiful fruit in the summer ♥

Nothing keeps me from enjoying God’s Kingdom more than beating myself up. He doesn’t do that, and He really doesn’t like it when I do ♥

I can hear, “Come, follow Me” or “Get behind Me!!” It depends upon my attitude. If I forget Who God Is, I get in His way. If I remember, He can begin to show me who He created me to be. What a difference  that makes ♥

Relief+joy= rejoice 🙂

When I follow Jesus connected to all my devices, I miss the message. Kind of listening and sort of paying attention causes me to miss His message. There’s a time and place for those wonderful conveniences, but sometimes I need to unplug them and hear Him ♥

Mama had an unnatural fear of storms since her home was destroyed by a tornado when she was young. Daddy tried to keep us from having the same fear by explaining that storms cleared and cleaned the air. God ended the difficult week with a powerful storm and reminded me to let go of past fears and let Him clear and clean my heart and spirit ♥ 

Capturing and seizing are about taking and creating bondage. Surrendering and sacrificing are about giving and creating freedom. Learning the difference transforms my heart in a beautiful way ♥

God knows I’m a visual learner and teaches accordingly. His latest lesson took place on the baseball field of all places. He got His point across and assured me that He’s always right there coaching if I’ll just heed His advice.

Hearing God’s Word is important, but heeding it is more important ♥

Humiliation and humble come from the same root which means low or small. The difference is how I get there. Humiliation happens when someone puts me there in an embarrassing way; humble happens when I let God be God and take me their with honest communion ♥

I may think I experience loneliness, but nothing I ever encounter comes close to what Christ felt on the cross. I must come to Christ alone in humble and total obedience before I am able to love Him with abandon and go where He calls me to go ♥

Nothing is more humbling or more beautiful that sharing communion with a group of loving friends. Remembering the cost of my freedom is the very heart of worship ♥ 

I marvel at the miraculous while missing miracles all along my path because I am too busy to notice them. I’m glad God is never too busy ♥

So important to see myself as God sees me. Otherwise, I end up being less than He has in mind for me ♥

My body is a temple for God’s Spirit, and He needs for it to be clear of distractions so my heart can be free to worship Him and help others do the same ♥

God takes the desires of my heart, transforms them into the desires of His heart,  and wows me with the beautiful results ♥

I make messes and create so much clutter in my heart, but God is faithful to clear, clean, and replace the broken pieces with something more beautiful than I could ever imagine on my own ♥

Love is not meant to be hidden away; it can only flourish when shared openly. That is especially true when it comes to my love for Christ. He spread His arms and reached as far as He could to the left and the right in front of all to share God’s love with the world. If I am willing to do the same, His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven ♥

It’s nice to know that when my loved ones leave, their prayers and love stay with me. Feeling surrounded by that love and those prayers this morning, and it’s a beautiful feeling ♥

True love listens and hears the heart, and no one does that better than God. I pray that I will learn from His example as I love Him and others ♥

Christ enables me to have relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. God desires intimacy, and that requires open arms, minds, and hearts willing to accept His love and love Him back with abandon ♥

Discipleship involves walking the walk, especially when I would rather run away.

The persecuted church loves God secretly in fear. The complacent church loves Him openly but selfishly takes His love for granted. The relational church loves Him with abandon and can’t keep that love to themselves ♥

God asks me to clear and open my heart and mind so He can fill them with the love of His heart and the light His Word. It’s not easy to open up, but He opens up a whole new world when I do ♥ 

There is no verse in the Bible that helps me understand God more than John 3:16. Giving His one and only Son for me is love beyond anything I can imagine. Laying down my life for my son is something I can understand. Laying down his life for someone is something my heart cannot begin to imagine. God’s ways are higher, and His love is amazing ♥

Being a good steward means so much more than giving back a small portion of what God has given to me. It is about investing time, talents, resources, and love so His Kingdom will be on earth as it is in heaven. When I remember that it all belongs to Him, it changes the way I live and love and worship. Nothing gets in the way of a steward more than taking ownership of what belongs to God ♥

Before God can heal my heart, He has to reach those spots that are hurting. His touch heals but leaves the heart tender. Tenderness is important for hearts because they must stay flexible and open. Nothing Satan likes more than a hard heart that has forgotten how to hurt. God knows that hurt is part of loving ♥

Being desired is flattering and makes my heart flutter. Being loved is transforming and makes my heart fly. Christ prefers love, and so do I ♥

A set jaw, crossed arms, and closed fists create a posture of judgement and make sure my will is done. An upturned face, outstretched arms, and open palms create a posture of love making sure God’s will is done ♥

Walking in His Kingdom means having my heart broken by the things that break His. That involves pain, but He promises hope and joy if I trust and obey Him ♥

I must be careful as I clear my heart not to empty out the love along with the clutter. Love is what makes the heart God’s temple. He is love and will dwell in the very center of the heart if I make room. He will also redefine all the love in my life when I let Him design the space ♥

God’s Word empowers my witness as I walk in His world, but I may have to wander in the wilderness a while before I am willing to stop and listen long enough to hear His heart ♥

Glorifying God is not about bragging about all He gives me, but rather a willingness to give Him all.

In order to grow and love as God desires, I must first see myself worthy of being loved. Too often I allow others to determine my worth when it comes to love. I remember the price He paid for me, and I see myself in a beautiful new light. I am worthy, and I am loved ♥

God doesn’t need disciples who defend Him; He needs disciples who are devoted to Him ♥

Lust is dust that goes whichever way the wind blows. Love is dark rich soil that holds deep roots. One is barren and lasts a moment; the other is fruitful and lasts a lifetime ♥

Love is a seed planted in my heart. When it’s ready to grow, it reaches down to the sweet deep place where God resides and then bursts upward in praise and gratitude ♥

The healed heart still hurts, but living with the pain humbles and helps me to better love Him, others and myself ♥ 

Spring brings renewal and reminds me vividly that I serve a loving God of hope who offers joy if I am willing to embrace His love and allow it to pierce and heal my heart ♥

God gives me the choice of how I will live my life. I can exist day in and day out or trust Him morning by morning:)

As I reach out and love, I see beauty and potential not only in those I love, but also in myself as it is reflected in their hearts ♥

God understands the pain of love not returned. It doesn’t stop Him, and it can’t stop me ♥ 

No disease or condition is as debilitating as self pity. The only cure is to die to self and live in Christ. Following Him cures the need to have things my way, and that heals and frees my heart in a most beautiful way ♥

Love is like the air i breathe. If I try to contain or control, it becomes stale and smothers. When I allow it to flow freely, it’s fresh and replenishes ♥ 

While looking at the menu at lunch today, I asked Lillyann, “What do you want Sugar?” She immediately said, “Yes, I want sugar!” I love kids:)

God is love, and Jesus knows that loving God with all my heart, all my mind, and all my strength along with loving others as myself is the key to obedience. Love changes the way I think, and enables obedience from the heart. It’s amazing what I can do when I let God lead the way when it comes to love ♥

I’m an intelligent women except when it comes to matters of the heart; I struggle in that department The good news is that I’m making progress. God’s a patient, loving teacher who gives me hope ♥

The easiest way to discern what I want is by seeing clearly what you I not want; with God’s help, I can see and be who He desires ♥

God said “Thou shalt” when He handed Moses His commandments, then He fulfilled them through His Son. The Holy Spirit helps me obey and follow in His footsteps. It’s a beautiful plan that makes God’s Kingdom possible here and now ♥

Mama would be 96 years young today:) I say that because she never grew up. I loved that about her, and I hope to follow her example. I know she is having a wonderful celebration in heaven♥

If I listen to my heart, I stay centered because my heart always knows best ♥

Satan bids me to overpower by outnumbering, outsmarting,and outdoing; God asks me to overwhelm by outloving ♥ The difference is that satan divides, but God unites. I must to choose which I prefer ♥

I never believed I could love any one more than I love my sweet son, and then I met Lillyann, Mylah, and Gina. God showed me love cubed as I watched him love them and them love him ♥

“Sincere love is not born of possessiveness but of necessary space and distance.” Melanie Gainsley

When I open my heart, I experience God. That brings both tears and laughter as love, joy, peace, and hope fill the empty spaces ♥

I tend to tether love, but love cannot thrive until it is set free. God knows that hearts must come with no strings attached. It’s a problem He understands all too well ♥

God enables me to love deeply as I draw nearer to Him and to others. Love is all that matters in this world because it’s the one thing I can take with me and also leave behind ♥

Christ has the same word for me today that He had for His disciples, and it has the same effect today that it had then.

Beautiful moments should be cherished, but they cannot be reconstructed. It’s best to live in the present and be open to the beautiful moments God has for me here and now ♥

Love brings out the best in me and gives me the desire to love others ♥

If I hope to hold on to love, I must first learn to let it go. It is a sweet irony is that I get closer as I allow myself and those I love to be who we are meant to be ♥

Unhealthy attachment enables those who hurt to continue along the wrong path. Love empowers them to find a new direction. Enabling weighs me and those I enable down. Love lifts, lightens, and leads me nearer to God ♥

Lillyann and Marden were so adorable this morning. Watching and listening to them playing and serving them lunch was so much fun. Lillyann told Marden she liked her tiara, and Marden said she thought she could buy her one for her next birthday. Precious moments ♥

Looking forward to Operation Inasmuch today. As I reach out in love to those around me, I and they are changed in a beautiful way. Never underestimate the power of love; God is love and enables me to do what I can’t imagine doing on my own ♥

Love isn’t about have to; it’s all about want to. When it comes to serving, love makes all the difference ♥

When I abide in the Spirit, love cannot help but grow in my heart ♥

I am never alone if I allow God’s Word to abide in me ♥

The way to heal my broken heart is to leave it open so love can continue to get in and out ♥

Love gives a whole new perspective when it comes to the way I live my life, especially in the way I treat myself and others. It transforms in a beautiful way ♥

It’s so important to take care of myself. A big part of that is learning to rest and take time to just be present with God. Love has to be nurtured in order to bloom and bear fruit  ♥

God is love and won’t accept anything less than intimacy when it comes to loving Him; He knows love requires an intimate and organic relationship in order to mature. Love must be connected to the Source if it is to survive ♥

It’s difficult to be still when my head is telling me to run; if I heed God’s voice, the impossible becomes possible. I gotta have faith and believe He knows what He’s doing. Listening to me heart instead of my head helps ♥

When I find silence in a tumult, solitude in a crowd, and simplicity in a complicated life, I come to a sweet intimacy with God that allows me to love Him, others, and myself as He desires ♥

If you’ve ever had an asthma attack, you know how wonderful it is when air finally makes it into your lungs. The Holy Spirit fills my heart gasping for love in the same way. When I need some love, I take a deep breath of God’s Spirit. It’s a beautiful filling and a sweet feeling ♥

A quiet peaceful life isn’t about doing nothing, but rather doing all I do with love and trusting God to know what He’s doing in my life. It’s more about listening than resting and stillness  than inactivity:) 

Attraction fades away, and lust burns up; but love endures forever ♥

The voices from my past say, “I can’t; I’m not; I’ll never be.” God’s voice says, “I’ll give you strength, I love you, and I’ll never leave you.” What I believe depends upon which voice I trust ♥

When it comes to love, distance provides safety and may make love grow fonder; but closeness creates security and makes love much stronger. Strength is much better than fondness when it comes to love, so get a little closer ♥

It’s amazing how the complexion of my spirit changes when I let God get rid of those pesky, ugly worry words. They have deep roots and keep coming back until I let God destroy the roots; then they go away and stay away ♥

Hope connects the present with the future and pulls me out of apathy and inactivity by thrusting me into God’s presence. I can think of nothing else when I’m there.

Satan loves for me to point my fingers, get in my corner, and come out fighting. God prefers that I open my arms, stay centered in His Son, and reach out in love ♥

Finding my voice and helping others find theirs does not mean they have to agree with me. I can remain true to my beliefs and be a loving presence at the same time. I  choose whether to make a difference or create a division ♥

God’s transformation involves transplanting from the rigid red clay that holds me in old patterns to the carefully prepared rich soil of His Kingdom where He makes new growth and beautiful fruit possible ♥

God transforms my heart and mind as nothing else can. Love changes everything, and God is love ♥ 

In Christ’s precious love, I see the perfect example of the fruit of God’s Spirit. I am branches connected to His beautiful vine and can, if I allow God to prune, produce love that will bless Him, me, and others ♥ 

If I am overly concerned with a response from those I love, I am looking for approval, not love. True love is so much more and will provide honesty at a level only real love can withstand. It transforms my heart in a way that allows it to not only live, but also love in God’s kingdom now and forever ♥

Living the life God desires requires a delicate balance between waiting patiently and acting passionately ♥

When the hand I’m depending upon to help me keep my balance is no longer there, I lose my footing. When I regain my balance, I have a new sense of identity and the freedom to go where God desires. The first steps are scary, but the Holy Spirit puts all the wind I need beneath my wings ♥  

Learning to say no or enough is an important part of growing. It indicates that I am ready to let go of unhealthy relationships and embrace healthy ones ♥

Love is meant to be shared and will not survive if hoarded or hidden away ♥

Bruises fade, but harsh words hurt and hide deep in my heart and head until I allow God to heal with His sweet love that replaces harsh words with hope-filled promises ♥

Until I recognize that He is God, there is no need to go any further. I have to let go of trying to do or please or be Him, and let Him do what He does best-be God ♥

“The Spirit of God whets our appetite by giving us a taste of what’s ahead. He puts a little of heaven in our hearts so that we’ll never settle for less. 2 Corinthians 5:5 The Message 

God doesn’t want me to settle ♥

Strength is measured by humility and love. The strongest Man to ever walk this earth was also the most humble, loving one.

The best way to enjoy the present is to be present:)

The Holy Spirit blows me away, fills me, and lifts me up as nothing else.

God will take my greatest weakness and turn it into my greatest strength if I trust Him to do what He does best-the impossible ♥

As long as I focus on fixing everything for everyone, I will never have to face my own demons. It’s easier to complain about all I do for others than to let God deal with my demons because I have to first admit that I need help. God will take it from there. The problem is letting go and letting someone else get the credit.

I can’t soar and look down at the ground at the same time. God gives me wings, the Holy Spirit puts wind beneath them, and Jesus flies ahead to show me the way.

Sometimes I ask, or even demand, other than what God has provided. When I do that, I deny His Lordship in my life. If I believe He is God, then I know that what He provides is exactly what I need. 

A plant is in the windowsill or in an open field must be tended. Neglect kills a plant and a heart more quickly than anything else.

The world may strain and even drain me at times, but “I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39 ♥

Love causes me bubble over with joy; now, if I could only learn not babble on =]

Had the perfect date last night!! We danced, ate, and fell asleep in one another’s arms. Mylah is adorable and just my type ♥

Love lets me look into my heart and the heart of others and see God. It changes me and them in a beautiful way ♥ 

Humans tend to compare, and the world bids me to measure up. God sees the heart, never compares, and bids me to reach up ♥ 

Sometimes trusting God involves letting go and taking a leap of faith. He doesn’t push orpull,but He does open His arms and smile when I finally notice that He is waiting for me to decide if I’m ready to jump.

I spend a fortune and a great deal of time working on outward appearances, but God and those who love me best only see my heart. God’s sweet word, when taken in with the help of His Holy Spirit, will bring out the very best in my heart. God resides in my heart and deserves a beautiful home that showcases His love ♥

If I live 100 years, this part of our journey is just a blink compared to the eternity I will spend with God; but what I do with this little blink makes a world of difference and a difference in the world ♥

The most important thing a servant must remember is for whom they work. When I try doing everything for everyone, my Master is often lost in the process ♥

Wandering and seeking may look alike at first glance, but they have nothing in common. Wanderers are lost and have no idea what they want. Seekers are searching and know the desire of their hearts. One ends up with empty hands, the other with a full heart ♥

Fathers want the very best for their daughters ♥

Daddy jumped in Lake Hickory and saved my life at four. God reached down and lifted me from the water at eleven. Love lifted me then, and it still lifts me today ♥

Love binds in a beautiful way. As drops of water come together and become one body, so do those who love God and one another. Hard individual grains of sand stay on the shore or settle to the bottom, but the soft flexible drops are transformed as they become part of something bigger than they could ever be alone and travel where they could never go alone ♥

In heaven, God prepares a beautiful home for me, and Christ assures me that in His Father’s House their are many mansions. Here on earth, however, the Holy Spirit prepares a home for God within my heart. God prefers His earthly home be a mobile one that is free of clutter and goes where He wants it to go ♥

When I stop trying to be someone I am not and embrace who I am, I am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful blessing I find.

Hearing takes place in the heart not the head ♥

I try to fill my desire for intimacy with God with all sorts of things that leave me saturated but never satisfied. Nothing can take His place or fill me the way His love does. It leaves me full and overflowing with more than enough to share ♥

When disillusionment comes into a relationship, commitment quickly escorts it out the door ♥

Love centers and helps me keep my balance in a world that gets more and more polarized. Glad God doesn’t move and is there to catch, lift, or pull me over when I wander ♥

Fear forces me to fuse in unhealthy ways or flee from love entirely. God helps me find love that binds my heart to His and others in a way that causes the world to wonder and want the same. Love is the best witness to His world ♥

God is greater than my grief, but He will not let me go around it, hide it, or make it go away. I must face the pain, open my heart to greater pain, and wait as He heals the hurt. Tears cleanse and prepare my heart for the joy He has in mind. Letting go of what I want frees my heart and gives God the room He needs. Waiting is an opportunity to rest, grow and trust Him ♥

Healing is more about holiness than happiness. God’s love heals, and He promises hope and joy and peace If I will love as He desires ♥

Beneath each petition and prayer, there is a deeper need. Hearing the deeper need in myself and others helps me get to the crying out which comes from the deepest part of my heart. My heart, like all hearts, calls out to be loved. God answers the call with Christ’s precious love ♥

God brought healing in a beautiful way this week. Lillyann spent the night, and we had so much fun. She came into my room at four and said, “I’m not scared, I just want you.” So sweet to have her snuggle up next to me. I’m the same way when it comes to God some nights ♥

Love is a beautiful combination of generosity, affection, honesty, and devotion. God gives beautiful balance to my hearts by bringing me to the center where He resides ♥

God gave me a perfect example in Christ. He was, is, and will always be the Prince of Peace. O cannot make God fit into my mold, but I can look to His model and let the Holy Spirit mold me so I am more like Him.

Truth and love are inseparable. Jesus shows the way to love and live in God’s kingdom in a way that, as a dear friend reminds me, “is worth living forever.” My walk begins when I realize that I am in His kingdom now, and eternity starts when I live His way in truth and love.

Love opens the heart in a beautiful way that frees the spirit and settles the soul.

Mama’s death left a gaping wound in my heart that God gently healed but left open. The raw edges are gone now, and the openness has given my heart the freedom to accept and give love in a new and beautiful way. God takes broken hearts and makes them something more than they were before  ♥

Letting go and growing up is very hard to do; but once I understand that I can’t always get what I want, I’m ready to move forward and see what He has in store ♥

I either look for or resist change. A sweet friend reminded me yesterday that the best and most powerful change is repentance. When I change my mind and heart and turn toward God, I am in for the best makeover ever ♥

Closure allows a new openness that gives the heart room to grow. I’ve stood in front of closed doors my entire life pulling and twisting the knobs hoping they would open if I tried hard enough. I’m learning to let go, turn around, and let God lead when it comes to closed doors and my heart ♥

When I accept Christ’s love, God puts His hope in my heart right alongside His love. I choose whether to lock it up or give it away. If I store it for later, it will do like all the other things I stack in storage; it will rust or rot. If I open my heart and share His love and hope, it will grow and spread. There is an abundance of hope and love in the world, but it is stacked and stored away out of fear. God gives me and abundance of love and hope, and He expects me to share it with abandon knowing there is an endless supply. His ways are not like the world’s, and that truth gives me the freedom to give in a beautiful new way.

Seeing the light is knowing that God’s love is for me. When I know and embrace that sweet truth, I can’t wait to share it with others ♥

Good friends speak the truth with love. God uses love and truth to bring people closer to one another and to Himself. Nothing is more powerful when it comes to walking in God’s kingdom than sharing the journey with those who hear and speak the truth with love. If I am that kind of friend and have such friends, I am blessed indeed ♥

As I share the Lord’s Supper, I am reminded of the cross and God’s love. It takes me back to the beginning of my journey and reminds me of the journey Christ took so I could join Him.

If I think in terms of what I have, I feel the need to accumulate; but if I think in terms of what God has, I am overwhelmed by His bounty and humbled that He trusts me to be His steward while I walk in His world.

There is no better way to clear the heart of clutter than to talk to God about what I’m feeling. He is always faithful to help me decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. Like the folks on What Not To Wear, God makes me take a 360 degree look at my heart, tells me the truth, and then helps me see how beautiful it can be with His loving touch.

Love requires response in order to flourish. My response to God’s love is one of gratitude for the blessings He has given, is giving, and will continue to give. If giving His Son’s life isn’t enough to get a response, I better check your pulse, or maybe my ego.

A hard heart cannot bend to God and isn’t able to hear His still, small voice. A broken heart bows easily, and listens intently.

The beauty of God is that He takes my supplications and works them slowly into my heart. As I pour out my desires, He lovingly shows me His and makes them mine. I love that about Him ♥

Change is necessary if I am to grow as God desires. It takes time and tests my patience; but if I take on His humility, the process is much easier and much more effective. A lot of pressure doesn’t move that mountain nearly as quickly as a little love ♥

Yesterday, as Lillyann and I talked about her adventures up north, I expected to hear all about the big city, the plane rides, and the tall buildings. She was excited about petting a duck and seeing farm animals. Considering she is surrounded by sheep, donkeys, horses, and cows at her house, I had to smile:) I absolutely love that children recognize what’s important no matter where they are.

I am learning not to ask God to do what I am able to do and not to question what God calls me to do even when I don’t understand it. Faith is trusting that He is God and knows what He’s doing. 

Lust takes, possesses, and won’t let go. Love gives, cherishes, and doesn’t confine ♥ Satan encourages lust. God knows love way to grow ♥

If I focus on accumulating, I will end up with a full pantry and a locked safe. If I focus on giving, I will end up with a full heart and an open spirit ♥ When God comes to audit, I know which accounts He wants to see.

God pulled me over this week and gave me the gift of perspective ♥

When I give up the need to be right and the right to retaliate, I am free to be still, listen, and love deeply ♥

I was touched last week by the power of touch. I had the privilege of giving mothers who were in drug rehab shoulder massages as I listened to their stories. I told one mother with a one-month-old daughter that I was not a professional. She looked up at me and said very quietly, I just want someone to touch me. That was very humbling and touched me deeply. It takes so little to make a big difference. What a privilege to touch and love ♥

I thank God that He was willing to come where I am to give me His sweet love and pray that I will be willing to follow Christ’s example and do the same. To reach hurting people, I must be willing to understand hurt. Brokenness opens my heart and lets me give and be filled at the same time. I love that about God ♥

I ask God for bandaids and quick fixes, but He knows that transformation takes time and involves more than I can comprehend. Knowing He’s God is the key to praying and allows me to stop micromanaging and start obeying.

My journey has included many curves and corners. Sometimes I make them, and sometimes I run off the road or hit the retaining wall! I’ve given up, stopped, and even crashed a time or two; but God and a dear friend have helped me see that Christ is in the midst of the crowd with His arms open wide listening, loving, and waiting for me to join Him there.

The Holy Spirit lights a fire in my heart and gives me the desire to tell others about God’s love. It is easily quenched if I put a wet blanket on His plans and go with my own, but the Spirit will feed the flames and set my very soul on fire if I go with God’s ♥

When this world learns to stop taking sides and picking fights, then it can get down to the work God would love for us to do TOGETHER-Love Him and love one another. Not a difficult assignment if you let go of the need to be right or the desire to defend Him. Karl Barth reminds us all that God needs as much defending as does a lion. Let’s stop defending and defining and start loving as Christ did ♥

No form of abuse is worse than neglect. It breaks God’s heart and quenches His Holy Spirit. Love must be kindled or it will die ♥

God takes the brokenness of my life and turns it into soft sand and smooth stones if I let Him handle them. If I try to deal with it myself, I end up with broken shells and jagged rocks. God waits for me to stop punishing myself and trust Him to change my brokenness into something beautiful.

When I stopped asking God for what I wanted and started asking Him for what He wanted, I found Him faithful to give me the desires of His heart. What a beautiful difference it made when His love changed my heart and mind and brought love, hope, and peace in a way I could never have imagined or asked for myself. He is God and knows my heart better than I ♥

It is in my weakness that God reveals His greatest strength. If I ever forget that, I become strong and self-sufficient. There is nothing sadder than someone who doesn’t need God, and I can easily get there if I take myself too seriously and forget for a moment that He is God and I am not ♥

God doesn’t need perfect people to do His work. Christ desires followers who are willing to fail, fall, and get back up again. The Holy Spirit wipes my tears, tends my wounds, and gives me the courage to move forward. Falling on my face is part of being in the race. It reminds me that I’m human and puts me in the perfect position to pray.

When driving with my door ajar, my car reminds me to stop and shut my door. When loving with my heart ajar, the Holy Spirit bids me to stop and get my heart in line with God’s before going any further ♥

Learning is always better when shared. I thank God for those He places in my path to teach and love me. The fellowship of kindred minds truly is like that above ♥

My behavior reflects my respect for others and my love and respect for myself and my God. It is what credibility is all about ♥

Giving out, giving in, and giving up are three entirely different things. I give out when I try to do what only God can do. I give in when I forget that He is God. I give up when I come to understand it is the beginning of knowing Who He is and which direction my giving must go. Christ gave up His right to retaliate when He died on the cross. I must give up my right to be right if I am to give Him the credit for all I am and all I do. God changes the direction of my giving when I change my definition of giving up. It’s tempting to hold down my fort, but it’s better give all I am up to Him ♥

Compliment and complement are not the same and cause more than a problem with my spelling. A compliment usually goes to my head and makes my ego a little bigger. A complement goes to my heart and makes my spirit soar. Satan compliments me and tells me that my way is right; Jesus complements me because He makes me wonderfully whole ♥

Time in the desert draws me to the sweet spring of Christ’s living water and creates in me a desire to show others how to drink from the ever-flowing Source of God’s love. Unlike the treasures of this world, His treasures create in me the desire to share ♥

The rain’s rhythm rocked me to sleep, and the downpour filled the dry places inside and out. God’s Word is like that for me. Sometimes I need a soft shower, and sometimes I need a deluge. God’s Holy Spirit uses His Word to both relax or sweep me away ♥

Empty space and growing room are very different. I try desperately to fill the empty space with all manner of things which bring no satisfaction but lull and pacify briefly. Growing room comes as I become still and listen to God. He is faithful to satisfy with His love, kindred spirits, and a desire to share His love with others.

If you want to look like Jesus, look where He looked-up.

Having someone hear your heart heals and cleanses as nothing else ♥

I wouldn’t think of telling a professional cleaning crew coming in to clean my cluttered house to leave everything just the way it is and clean around it, but I do just that with God when it comes to cleaning my heart. Cleansing begins when I confess so He has all the space He needs to give my heart a beautiful makeover ♥

Selfishness can never be satisfied. Selflessness doesn’t seek satisfaction. One leaves me stuffed but never full; the other empty and beautifully full.

God is a god of hope who promises joy and peace when I accept His love. I often think of joy and happiness as the same thing. Joy is deeper and isn’t, as I used to tell the little ones, the same as “ha ha happy.” A dear friend told me, “God is more concerned with my holiness than my happiness.” That blesses me in a beautiful way and reminds me that happiness is temporary, but joy lasts for an eternity ♥

The lesson yesterday with the girls was on balance. As I watched Mylah in their little kitchen, I could see mama focused upon her task and unaware of what was going on around her. When Mary Sue was in the kitchen, she was on a mission. Mylah was the cook yesterday as we all played animal hospital. It warmed my heart and made me smile to see the girls playing together. Mylah hasn’t really let go and trusted herself when it comes to walking, but in the little kitchen with Lilly running in and out needing food for the poor sick animals, she had to let go because she needed both hands. I loved watching her find her balance and realized that balance comes much easier for me when I’m focused upon doing for others and not on whether or not I might fall ♥

The Holy Spirit helps me clear out and clean up my heart so He can give me a sweet deep breath of Christ’s love. Nothing frees and fills the way God’s love does ♥

Wrapping my head around the fact that God created me is the most beautiful lesson. How can I know that and not be changed ♥

I’ve been wandering in deserts and hiding in twisted forests all my life, but God brought me to His open field, plowed deeply, tended gently, and placed seeds of love in my heart. I learned to be still and yield in His field, and that has made all the difference when it comes to love ♥

There are words to describe one who tells you what you want to hear and does what you want them to do. Most expect to be paid for their service. I prefer the words that describe one who tells you the truth with love and doesn’t expect a response. They are messenger, prophet, and friend. Christ is all three. Love and truth set you free when you speak them and when you hear them ♥

It is the love of Christ that connects us, and I pray that one day this world will be more concerned about God’s love in the heart than the outward appearance, background, or status of others. When that happens, we will truly be one instead of a bunch of scattered pieces ♥

God reminded me this morning that what I think is right and what is right are two different things. I may have lost my marbles, but that doesn’t give me the right to steal them back.

God offers a beautiful motivation when it comes to change-getting nearer to Him ♥

My relationship with God is much better since I stopped going to Him with my hands out and started going with my heart open.

There’s nothing like rainwater to soothe the soul.

Rest is an important part of the journey. Being still allows me to regain my balance and take time to ask God for directions ♥

The change God desires for the world takes place one heart at a time ♥

Transparency makes me vulnerable, but it brings me nearer to One Who transforms vulnerability into openness and gives God free reign with my heart ♥

I can sense someone’s sorrow but hearing the hurt in their hearts lets hope and healing enter in ♥

Cleaning my closets and clearing out my heart involve pain, but it provides the space necessary for growth. Taking stock and letting go is never easy, but the results are well worth the effort ♥

The right gift is the one that keeps on giving. God’s love, Christ’s grace, and the Holy Spirit’s peace last forever and can never be snatched away from me.

The key to being on the right path is the willingness to admit that I don’t know where I’m going and the humility to stop and ask God for directions.

I inherited my mother’s big blindside, and she knew it would break my heart. I realize now it’s what she was always trying to teach me. Some lessons must be learned the hard way, and that’s what blindsiding does very effectively! With God’s help, I understand mama’s lesson and the old saying ‘even a blind hog will eventually find an acorn.’♥

Sometimes, pride comes after the fall.

Truth and peace work together to create freedom.  

When it comes to love, capturing comes from letting go not from holding on ♥

This week, a dear friend taught me that walking through the moment is what faithfulness is all about ♥ 

Honest communion frees the heart, and kindred hearts kindle a fire within the soul ♥

There is nothing normal or traditional about love, and that’s exactly what makes it so very beautiful ♥

As a wooden bowl turned by human hands, my heart is transformed into something beautiful as God applies His Word. The scars and hurts become unique designs as the lathe cuts deeply guided by loving hands that see what I cannot ♥

Encouraging is not giving someone courage; it is seeing into the heart of someone you love and helping them see the courage that is already there. It’s what love does when it joins with truth, and there is nothing stronger in this world. That beautiful combination enables me to do what I don’t believe is possible and help those I love do the same ♥

When it comes to leadership, Christ has His own style ♥

Humbling helps me relax and let God draw out the plans and describe them as He goes. It humbles me in a very different way when He shows me His handiwork, asks if I like it, and tells me that He made it just for me ♥

Discipleship is about the way I see myself in light of my Master ♥

Being blindsided can be a positive thing when I get up realizing God was behind the hit meant to protect me from the bullet I didn’t see coming. Face down in the dirt is the perfect position to find the perspective it takes to be still and say thanks for knocking me down ♥

As I begin my sixties, I plan to seek peace and be myself. Like Mylah, I’m new at navigating without holding on. We both are squealing with delight and optimistic at our new found freedom. I may fall and fail or get pushed down, but I plan to shake off the dust and get right back up again♥10/4/12

I can hold on to my stubborn pride like a torch, look down at the cold cinders, and feel smug about being safe and right if I like; but I believe God would rather have me take the path His Son took. He prefers building bridges and restoring the ones I’ve burned rather than setting any new fires.

The most frightening lesson I can learn when it comes to God is that He will let me be in charge. God never forces me to love Him, listen to Him, or obey Him. I get to choose who’s in charge of my life. The most important lesson when it comes to faith is knowing I don’t want to be in charge ♥

When I’m giving attention, I think much less about getting it. When I give God my undivided attention, my problems concerning time and attention fade away.  

The deep joy God has in mind for me is not a lighthearted happiness that comes from circumstances or pretending all is well but rather a fundamental joy that comes from the overwhelming sense that God’s hand is holding me up when I can’t hold myself ♥

Never felt more surrounded by love than I did yesterday, but I have the feeling today may just be even better as two wonderful families join together. Gina and Tyler share a beautiful love that is truly meant to be. As I looked at the photos from last night, I had to smile as God was so obviously waving and smiling in the background ♥

This was a special moment as I danced with my sweet son. I love him so very much and am blessed to be loved by him. As I watched him yesterday, I thanked God placing him in my path and have never been more proud♥ He is amazing. I also love the sweet selfless saint sitting in the background holding Mylah. Rita exemplifies the servant’s heart ♥

The beautiful lessons this week have helped me finally understand what it means to release everything to God and trust Him completely. Powerful lessons, life-changing week♥10/13

I let the waiting of this world and the scurrying around come between me and those I love sometimes, but Gina and Tyler taught me that love is all that truly matters when it comes to a wedding. My favorite moment in the wedding was when they expressed that love to one another in the vows they prepared. “I vow to let nothing come between us, God, and our children, and hold this beautiful family under God as my guiding light from now until eternity.” When I heard that, my heart could only say amen and pray the same for all of us. Thank you Aaron for your sweet patient love that captured the image that sums it up so beautifully♥10/14


Stillness is ever waiting

For me to slow down my pace

To stop and take a moment

And forget about the race.

Often I have to be forced

To wait for a circumstance

Or be worn by weariness

To offer stillness a chance.

When I do stop to notice

I can hear a raindrop fall

And take in the tenderness

Of the One behind it all. 10/1

God uses my stumbling to humble me. I’ve ignored the obvious when it comes to doing God’s will and have stayed on the surface when it comes to relationships. I thank God for His patience and for those who keep me accountable ♥

Unrequited love is something God knows all about. Christ went to the cross with a love so beautiful that it needed no response. He knows response is up to the one loved. I am learning the same. Circumstances close doors, but they do not change hearts ♥

Knowing what is good for me is common sense. When I obey, I find the peace, joy, and love God desires. Letting go of my desires is like losing weight; it’s tough to do, but the results are worth it.

Just as walking in His kingdom doesn’t have to wait until I die, neither does resting in peace. I can do both now, and that’s a lesson I loved learning ♥

With Me Always


When I began this journey,

You were there.

In the midst of my darkness,

You were there.

In the silence of my heart,

You are here.

In the peace that comforts me

You are here.

Balance is tricky whether it is in the head, the heart, the body, the soul, or the spirit. Finding it without God is impossible. Finding and focusing upon God brings balance back in a beautiful way. With Him, I can find focus in a spinning room and obey in a spinning world.

The journey isn’t a guilt-ridden run to nowhere; it is a walk in His kingdom that forms beautiful relationships based on honesty and love. My relationship with God is first, and it must be the model for all my relationships if the redefining He desires is to take place

Love, peace, grace, forgiveness, and mercy are words easily spoken. Unfortunately, living out the concepts they represent is much more difficult than uttering the words.

Trembleurs are attached to a base that allows the carving to wobbly freely without falling down. I thought of how like a trembleur I am when it comes to balance and falling down. If I attach myself firmly to Christ, the wobbling becomes dancing, and the trembling becomes prayer.

The most beautiful side effect of prayer is the way it changes me and the way I feel about those for whom I pray.

Change is good, and I know the sixties are going to be wonderful. Lessons in love are pointing me in the right direction, and my heart is changing. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks if you grab her attention and use the right motivation:)10/28

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep…

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray dear Lord, my heart you’ll keep.

If I should cry before I wake

I pray my hand you’ll gently take.

Please stay by me and dry my tears

Until you chase away my fears.

Stay with me till the morning light

And meet me here tomorrow night.


Praying for others opens my heart to see them and me in a new light. Nothing is more intimate than heart-felt intercession. It’s how Jesus loves, and how I hope to, too.

In an environment of honestly expressed love, I am able to express love myself. When love is unconditionally given, fear flees. When I am accepted for who I am, faults and all, I can love and accept myself and others in the same manner. Such is the power of love.

Simplicity is the key to effective witness. Love grows, blooms, and is able to form deep roots when given space, and love that grows deeply is love at its very best. Love that does indeed last forever.

Praying Thy Will be done and meaning it changes my walk in a way that lets me walk in His kingdom now. I am learning that less control requires more faith, but it results in much less stress and much more joy ♥

God’s love is the Source of the spring He has in mind for my heart. Christ came down and tapped that spring when He took my place on the cross. Knowing His love is the Source of all love allows me to go with His flow.

My pace has been petty for sixty years, and my mistakes have been numerous. God’s pace is always peaceful and never petty, and a life lived with Him will be the same. Tomorrow creeps into the petty pace when God isn’t in the picture. When He’s Lord of my life, then today doesn’t leave room for tomorrow or yesterday.

When I accept and share God’s love, I get a taste of heaven and learn that His love is a gift meant to be regiven. When I understand that, the journey takes a new and beautiful turn in the right direction.

Sometimes the lessons pull the rug right out from under me, but that does put me in a better position to pray.

Judging isn’t my job, and God makes that very clear on many occasions as He lays out His plans throughout His beautiful word. It’s the only sin that comes with a disclaimer. “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” Matthew 7:1

The fountain of youth is possible when I spend time in the present and stop letting tomorrow and yesterday creep in and steal my peace. Focusing upon the simple things and remembering to play and pray keeps life what God created it to be, a time to love and connect to one another.

I wasn’t thinking of Odysseus when I started to spin a tale about two little piggies last night, but I thought of him as I drove home. He searched the world for decades only to find that all he sought was waiting for him at home. That’s true for all of us.

 A life without prayer is a life of darkness. I thank God for listening and pray I will learn to listen and remember that prayer without listening is endless chattering ♥

I find my truest self in the eyes of a friend♥ It’s a beautiful blessing to share the journey.

The Face of a Friend

Love is found in the face of a friend.

Soul is reflected in the eyes of a friend.

Spirit is lifted in the smile of a friend.

Heart is healed in the ears of a friend.

Love is found in the face of a friend. 11/9

Letting go of my desires and embracing God’s creates beautiful change that opens my heart and allows me to live and love as never before. It’s what walking in His kingdom is all about ♥

Sharing God’s love is what makes simple gestures so profound. If God is in a knowing look, a held hand, a smile, or a listening ear, then true love’s soft voice is loud and clear and changes the heart forever ♥

My focus has always been scattered, and I was the queen of mult-tasking, but I’ve since learned that focusing upon God’s love changes what I do and the way I do it. I am closer to God and those in my path as a result, and that makes the journey a joy as I take the time to listen and truly hear, look and truly see, and connect and truly love ♥

Everything truly is an astonishing gift, and the journey is about accepting each gift with love and then giving it back to Him. Knowing He loves me more than I can understand puts it all into perspective ♥

Some beautiful horses reminded me that my spirit soars when outdoors on a beautiful day. Nothing makes me want to kick up my heels more than spending time with kindred spirits. The horses were playing and enjoying life together; that’s what spirit is all about. Love gives life to my spirit ♥

When I experience the sweet stillness that comes when my focus is completely upon God, I get a tiny taste of what is to come. It’s more than enough to make me want more ♥

Baby’s Breath

Sweet the sound

Of contented sighs

As an innocent baby

Naps peacefully:)

Watching Mylah sleep blesses me so very much.

As I learn to love, I must let others be who we are. That and being honest are the most important lessons when it comes to love. I know I’ll continue to make mistakes, but I also know I’ll learn from those mistakes if I’m willing to admit to them first. It is at the core of all learning, especially when it comes to God’s love ♥

In order for my heart to heal, I have to be willing to step into the unknown. Christ understands the difficulty of letting go of the known. Children don’t report abuse because they don’t know what will happen when they do. Adults do the same. It boils down to the lesson I learned yesterday.I have to know that I am loved, I am lovable, and I matter before I can be healed. Letting go of hurt seems like a no brainer, but it is impossible when I don’t believe those three statements. They give me the courage to want to be healed, and that makes a beautiful difference.

Cooking brings a flood of wonderful memories that touch my heart and lift my spirit. I miss mama, but I feel her presence each time I make bread or share something I’ve made with others. I thank God for all the love mama gave me, but I especially thank Him for the sweet meals she so lovingly prepared and shared with me. I learned from mama that love is the secret ingredient when it comes to cooking.

It’s taken me a long time to find and appreciate God’s love. The more I understand it, the more I am able to let it flow through me. God is love, so He knows what He is doing when it comes to love:) I need to remember that when I get whiny and want what I want when I want it. God designed love to be shared, so I plan to cherish each moment God allows me to spend with those I love ♥

Pretending is a healthy way to learn and grow, and I love pretending with the girls. Giving God my imagination has made all the difference when it comes to walking in His kingdom.

God’s Presence

Temple veil rent

Blood spilled and spent

Paving the way

For me each day

To enter in

Despite my sin.

Growing Pains

My heart holds fast to the past

Not allowing me to grow.

My head races on ahead

With my heart and soul in tow.

My heart is stretched to breaking

By the tug of war inside.

My spirit tries to balance

While fighting the urge to hide.

My soul just wants to follow

Its tendency for pleasure,

But spirit wins the battle

And seeks life’s truest treasure.

My heart, mind, soul, and spirit

Turn in the same direction.

Growing pains are forgotten

In Christ’s perfect reflection

We are all His beloved, and I am thankful for Christ’s precious love which binds us together in a way that only it can. It fills my heart and spills over into the world if I leave it alone and let it flow through me with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Grace and gravy have a lot in common, so I believe the connection can be made without offending any theologians. I know God would agree because He knows how gravy prepared with love makes a meal very special. He also knows His grace makes love special and warms my heart even more than mama’s grits and gravy.

Growing disciples is a beautiful process that requires deep personal connections in order for roots to reach deeply into Christ’s love. His love feeds and flows beautifully if I open my heart and develop relationships that allow me to walk in His kingdom and help with His harvest. Christ’s precious love makes me come rejoicing as I bring in the sheaves. Sharing it with others is what the harvest is all about.

I have the tendency to hold back when it comes to love. I’ve let the deep hurts of my past cause me not to trust love, even God’s. That sounds silly when I say it out loud, but God knows it is true and wants more for me.

Christ knows that worry causes me to miss God’s kingdom, and that makes life a tedious trudge instead of a joyful journey. God lets me decide which path to take, but He prefers I let go of worry and embrace the joy God’s kingdom has for me. Holding on to worry keeps me from seeking God’s kingdom; that makes me let go of worry as if it were a hot coal and seek God in a whole new way.

Seeking God’s kingdom seems simple enough, but it is far from easy. It requires a level of faith I am only beginning to understand and a level of honest communion that tests my trust. I know it is what God desires for me, and that gives me the courage me to keep on seeking. Courage and love walk hand-in-hand.

Do I really think about Christ returning? I love the thought of Emmanuel and the sweet baby in the Christmas manger, but I cannot leave Him there or on the cross or in His ascension to heaven. He is coming again, and that makes me sing a new song with great joy.

As Mylah and Lillyann fell asleep on me last night, I breathed a prayer of thanksgiving for the pace of His path and the beauty I held in my arms and my heart. Understanding that Christ’s righteousness forged the path He and I are on together caused my heart to relax and take in the moment and the view. I looked down at the two sleeping angels in my arms, out at the beautiful Christmas tree filled with decorations from the past and present, and up at the full moon shining in the window. I was surrounded in a new and beautiful way, His way:) 11/2812

There are many factors when it comes to aging, but one is certain. I will continue to age until I die. I don’t get to decide how I will die, but I do get to decide how I will age.

The point of Advent is hope, but hope gets lost in buying frenzies and seasonal depression. I pray my heart will stop and linger and long for Him this year. Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head, I pray for visions of love and hope and peace that play out in my everyday life as Christ desires ♥ 

What an amazing day! Tyler, Gina, the girls, and I all went to see the house we will be sharing for two years. It’s so beautiful and beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve never lived in home that was as nice, and there is a pool to boot. All that is wonderful, but the best part is sharing it with Tyler and his precious girls. Lillyann is so excited, and Mylah was all smiles:) I know that we will be a place of deep connection and love.

The girls and I will share the bottom floor, and that’s perfect for me:) I plan to enjoy every moment with them and want them to feel free to share the space completely. I plan to get a bedroom set that has a trundle bed on the bottom so they can come in with me if they want. The views from my room are breathtaking, and I love that I have a pool right outside my door. I can see myself reading and sunning and playing with the girls. I also would like to have a little herb garden in the corner or maybe some vegetables or flowers.

I love that we are going to be able to rent the house for two years before deciding if we want to buy it. I know God will show the way and teach all of us wonderful lessons in love and living together. Life and love are about to change for me in a very big way. I embrace God’s sweet provision. He has prepared a beautiful home, and I plan to enjoy it:) 

The winter is supposed to be a challenging one, but I don’t have to leave the house to keep the girls:) I plan to cook as never before and help make the sweet house a warm, loving home. I need a home, and my heart is ready to accept and give love in a way that will make it one.

I love a new day, a new month, a new year, and a new song! God’s timing is always perfect, and His plan is so much better than my own.  Jeremiah 33 and Psalm 96 have reminded me  this week that God is a god of new beginnings, and He has a special one in mind for me. That makes me want to squeal like Lillyann:) 12/1

Knowing I am loved is a mirror that allows me to look deeply at God’s love and express it to Him, myself, and those in my path. His love is so different from mine. I understood enabling, fixing, pitying, and waiting upon, but I never knew true love until God planted its seed in my heart three years ago. It grew, flourished, and has ripened to the point of readiness. 

Validation is tempting because answers are not always what I expect or want to hear. Answers lead to more questions, and that is what life-long learning and walking in God’s kingdom is all about. Those who have all the answers stop learning, and that is worse than death. I pray that I will leave validation to parking tickets. I’m not ready to park or pack up and pray I never am. I am ready to move forward, seek answers, and trust God to continue teaching His lessons in love.

It is rare to find a sound board in this world because it takes time and means connecting at a deep level. Several years ago, a dear friend told me I was a wonderful sound board. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I could tell by the tone that it was a good thing. I know now just what it means and consider it a sweet compliment.

Fear ties the body and soul into knots and holds the heart captive. Honest communion unties the knots and allows the heart and spirit to be what God intended ♥

When stuck at a fork in the road, a loving nudge is necessary. I can ignore the nudge, go my way and rationalize my decision. I can see the nudge as a push and get angry, or I can allow the nudge to move me gently in the direction God desires. The choice is mine, and there’s the rub as Shakespeare would say.

Change is ongoing, and I pray that I will get more flexible as God transforms my mind and my heart to be more in line with His. The twisting is much less painful when I relax.

Love transforms my heart and changes my mind.♥ God reminded me this week that He knows what He’s doing when it comes to love.

Love means sharing the good and the bad in ways that allow the Holy Spirit to bring me nearer to  others and to God. It’s what walking in His kingdom is all about, and it changes the way I live and love ♥

Perhaps it’s a sign I’m getting old, but I found myself wishing this week that worship was less complicated. As we sang “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” Wednesday evening, I felt a sweet sense of His Holy Spirit as our hearts and attention turned away from all the busyness and bustle for a moment. God often only ends up with a moment here and a moment there. I wonder at His love and patience and pray that I will let the things of earth take their proper place.

There was nothing Mary Sue liked more than cooking up and serving great food, and she did it better than anyone I know. When Mylah and Lillyann are playing in their little kitchen, I see a lot of mama in them and can smell the sweet memories of the love that went into every meal she prepared. I take a deep breath and sigh contentedly.

When I allow God to be God, my burdens become light as He takes then and turns them into lessons that nudge me a little closer to Him and to those in my path. Before I can give him those burdens, I have to deal with my pride. With pride out of the way, humility has room to take root in my heart. Then, I can truly walk in God’s kingdom and not stomp all over it! 

Learning to stand up for yourself is important, and Mylah’s doing very well in that department. There are times when I have to hold my own and not let others take advantage. Diplomacy is also essential when it comes to living together. It’s important to learn the fine art of give and take.

God placed a beautiful ring in my path today to help me let go of the past and embrace His sweet Spirit ♥ 

God doesn’t move. He simply waits patiently with open arms for me to come to Him ♥

There is no way to protect my son and grandchildren from all harm, but I can give them hope. God offers hope to a world without hope. Christ understands the pain of senseless killing; He died at the hands of those who were hurting and misguided. Death is not the final word thanks to His sacrificial love.

Loneliness is at the heart of all those who are hurting, and I pray that I am more mindful of those in my path who need a little love. Instead of arming ourselves with bigger guns, I pray we will arm ourselves with bigger hearts filled with compassion and reach out to one another in love. It was love, after all, that won the war in the first place ♥

Each death does indeed diminish each of us, and that was made crystal clear as I watched the horror unfold before us this week. The bell tolled many times for me and for each of us yesterday, and I thought of the poignant ending to Donne’s powerful poem. Do I really believe that mankind is that connected? I should. God created us to connect, but we separate, choose sides, hide, and mind our own business. It’s what’s wrong with the world. Oneness is God’s plan. Individuality is what Satan prefers.12/15

Obedience leads to joy, and that’s the key to finding and keeping joy alive in my heart. Joy isn’t ha ha happy, and it isn’t Pollyanna optimism. It is His presence in the midst of disaster, sadness, and whatever else befalls me on this journey. He won the war, and I can shout from the depths of my heart because of that victory. He is coming again, and that is what Advent is all about ♥ 

The Holy Spirit helps me with perspective. If I find myself tossing, turning, or running in circles, I look to God’s Word and find balance and peace. It’s much easier to give up my ways when I remember His ways lead to peace, and that’s my desired destination.

I don’t have to understand grief; I just have to open my heart, express it, and hear it. Jesus shares my grief and hears my heart. The Holy Spirit allows me to do the same with those in my path.

Grief opens the heart as nothing else if allowed to run God’s course. God helps me feel the hurt, absorb it, and let the holes in my heart stay open. Those healed holes, as I call them, allow love to flow more freely ♥

Snow has a way of making me be still, and I love that about it ♥ It also brings out the kid in me:)

God created His kingdom with love, and Christmas is a season designed to celebrate His love. His love is the greatest gift ever given, and it becomes the greatest gift I can give, as well.  

God uses the unlikely to accomplish His will because the likely want the credit. It is only when I learn that I can do nothing without God that He can begin to work through me. I am more surprised than anyone when God allows me to be a vessel for Him.

Being light headed is not a good thing, but being light hearted is a wonderful feeling. It’s like floating. I had to smile as I drifted off to sleep last night because I knew I was experiencing true self-differentiation. I wasn’t fused or confused any more. Tethers were gone. The truth had set me free, and it was an exquisite feeling. I want more of it, and I know the way to get it is to practice the truth, come to the Light, and let God manifest His deeds through me.

The lights dimmed at the Candlelight Service last night, and we sang Silent Night. Soft, peace-filled light filled the sanctuary. The glow from our candles reflected God’s love as His Spirit joined our hearts to Him and to one another. It is what Christmas is all about. God with us. Immanuel. He was in our midst. The stillness was broken by a prayer and the singing of Joy to the World as we celebrated Christ’s birth knowing that He was, is, and always will be with us. Immanuel indeed ♥ Merry Christmas to all my beautiful friends and family:) I love you ♥ 12/25/12

Sharing God’s Word and love is what I am here to do. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I hope to do just that. Christ came to give access to God’s love, and that is the miracle of Christmas. I pray that 2013 is a year filled to the brim with God’s love. May we share our journeys with one another in a way that allows the honesty to love through laughter and tears. Tears and laughter are only for a short season, but love is forever.

The world tempts and tries to fill me with a variety of cheap imitations, but once I taste love in God’s light, my heart will not settle for anything less. My journey here presents a perfect path to prepare my heart for love. My path has been a convoluted one which has left me reeling at times, but it has led to a greater understanding of just who God is and who He wants me to be.

Being between the two homes is a little unnerving, and I find myself waking with thoughts of how, when, what, and where. I settle back down when I remember that the most important feature that makes this beautiful house a sweet home is who. I know who is going to be there, and that is all that matters. 

I cannot be the Light, but I can tell others how much I love Him and live a life that reflects His Light. It’s not only polite to point in Christ’s direction, it’s exactly what God has in mind for His witnesses. There’s power in pointing if I make sure it’s Him and not me getting the attention.

As I humbly look to God’s words for light and understanding, I will be brought low. It is a good low that puts me in the perfect position to learn  from and love Him. We are all “the simple;” we just don’t all know it. I’m learning that simple is a good thing, and simplicity is very sweet.

Amazing day of moving:) I’m really sore, but happy to the bone:) So much fun to see Mylah as she came downstairs and saw all the toys that had disappeared from her room. She was in heaven, and so were we as we watched her. Christmas all over again!! What a blessing to be in the same home with such a sweet little family. Love them so much♥ 1/1/13

What a pleasure to witness the house become a home this afternoon as happy voices and a sweet sleeping baby’s breath filled the entire space with love. The house breathed in the sounds and let out a sigh of relief, and so did I. The sounds of love are what make a house a home, and I thank God for allowing me to witness that transition this afternoon. It was a privilege, a blessing, and a taste of what heaven must surely be like ♥

I have to say that I am praying more often than ever in my life. I can’t help but pray each time I walk by a window, hear a loved one, or look at the girls running around the house. God answered my prayer for deeper understanding of His love in a beautiful, unexpected way.

God’s kingdom is about a different kind of love and storage that creates a beautiful open space that invites His Spirit to flow through and fill at the same time ♥ 

Christ peels back the layers and helps me see my heart and His so we can have a wonderful relationship. Wanting what others have leads to misery. Embracing what Christ has leads to love. Christ’s love allows me to hear His heart and the hearts of others, and that is what love is all about.

I was walking back home after sitting with Susan and Ann when I saw Tyler, Gina, Lillyann, and Mylah coming to see Gigi Susie. I knew Lillyann would wonder at her being straight on the bed as she has been bent for so long, and I prayed she would she her as sleeping peacefully. I saw a beautifully strong woman who loves God and her family. I knew that God had all of us in His hands as I looked over at the beautiful lights in town. I stood for a moment and enjoyed God’s presence. I felt at one with Him, with my sweet family, and with those in town ♥ 1/5

Had a beautiful celebration with the Brucatos on Friday evening. I love them so much and will miss them when they leave to go back to Italy. They are wonderful missionaries and sweet friends♥ 1/6

Woke up without the girls beside me this morning, and I miss our morning pillow talk. My furniture is so beautiful and all together thanks to my sweet son ♥ So very blessed to be surrounded by love ♥

Life and love without the Spirit is like being on life support. Life and love with the Holy Spirit is breathing in God. Christ’s precious love enables me to be one with Him, with God, and with the Holy Spirit so I can love as He loves and live the life He has planned. It isn’t about being independent; it is about stopping my struggle, relaxing in His love, and allowing His Spirit’s indwelling to be as natural as breathing.

I’m learning this week to savor and enjoy each bite of life God places in my path. My journey has slowed and deepened as we’ve settled into a sweet routine. I cooked my first meal in the new house at lunch today. It was simple fare, but the sweet company made it very special. I look forward to many meals around the table and many days like today when I savor those sweet connections that make life worth living forever.

The settling this week has been sweet as I’ve relaxed and enjoyed the move. I haven’t sweated the little stuff, and that’s made a world of difference. The most important thing about the settling this week has been the company. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

God can’t fill a full space. He needs emptiness and license to fill as He desires. He not only fills, He designs beautifully as well ♥ 

Love, like life, is more about simple gestures than about the grandest of achievements. When I think of it, I’ve always known that in my heart. Busyness gets in the way of being, and those little gestures get lost in the shuffle. I’m thankful for a career that kept me very busy, allowed me to make a difference, and provided the means for me to stay with my sweet granddaughters and learn God’s simple lessons in love first-hand:) It’s the best learning of my life. Like dessert, God saved the best for last!! 

I can believe in miracles or not; God gives me the choice. I can love or not; God give me the choice. You can choose to believe we are beyond miracles if you like, but I believe miracles are alive and well and will be as long as there is love in this world.

The Holy Spirit takes scripture and makes the words of Christ come alive in a way that never ceases to amaze me. I’ve read many books, poems, stories, articles, and songs in my life. I even read the Bible through many times before I began looking at it as a living, breathing entity. I fell in love with it, and can’t imagine life without it ♥

As I watched the fog settling in to the valley below this morning, I could feel God’s sweet comforting presence settling into those places of worry in my own life. If I let go of them, He is faithful to fill them with His love ♥ 

Susan’s smile never faded, and I never heard her say a harsh word. I pray that I will be half the witness she was. I’m so very thankful God placed her loving presence in my path. I plan to tell the girls all about her courage and her love for them. She delighted in them and loved nothing better than being with them. 1/19/13

Asking is all that is required of me when it comes to receiving what God has in mind. If I approach Him as a spoiled child demanding what I want, He either ignores or lets me have it along with the consequences. If I sulk and wait for Him to give me what I want without asking, He waits patiently for me to voice my desires ♥ 

I learned a lot during my “until then, pray” stage, and I’m very thankful God uses all things for His good. I am called according to His purpose and love Him dearly, and I am ready to have the praying life His Son so beautifully modeled for me. I nudged a little closer to His precious side this weekend, and the frustration in not getting my way was an important part of the lessons in love He had for me ♥ 

I will stumble and fall as long as I am living. It keeps me humble and reminds me I am human. Lillyann insists on pretending she is a puppy, and crawls all around the house. Her poor knees bear the bruises of her imagination. My heart bears the same skins and scrapes when I insist on my way instead of yielding to His.

If I am not experiencing God’s kingdom here on earth, I just some time to play with children. Their wisdom is amazing, and their enthusiasm is contagious. God knew that I was ready for the advanced lessons in love Lillyann and Mylah could teach me, so He set up a very special graduate course for me and even put me on an amazing campus designed to help me get the full effect of those lessons. I feel like a kid every time I think of Him, and that’s a good sign I’m heading in the right direction and walking in His kingdom ♥

Christ has a simple message, the same one He had for the synagogue. He came that our spiritual poverty could become His abundance. He opens our eyes to Who He is so we can see God and worship Him with abandon. He frees us from the captivity of rules and agendas. He lifts the stress of doctrines and denominations so we can find the unity He so desires ♥

A home is much better than a sanctuary was a sweet lesson I needed this evening. It was also great to be reminded that I am blessed with a beautiful family ♥

I’m all for fixing things that can be fixed, but I also know that God knows best when it comes to hearts. I’ve tried for decades to repair my heart, but it only gets worse with each patching. I’m always left feeling less that what He desires, and that hurts deeply. Yesterday, I felt worse than ever and did not like what I saw. I know I must see myself as more before I can be who He wants me to be and have the love He has in in mind for me ♥

What a beautiful world this would be if all Christians came together as one! It would truly be His Kingdom come, and His will would be done in a way that would make us all wonder what took us so long to figure out that being whole is much better than being broken. Our brokenness is healed by the wholeness Christ affords. Thanks be to God:) 1/27/13

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  1. I love this…there was another post of yours that I read one night and it really captured my heart, I am having trouble finding it and would like to share with a friend…you were relating God’s love to a relationship, not sure if it was a marriage, but you mentioned how it was hard for you to see the guy with someone else and how this is how it is for God when we are turned from him…I loved that whole post, do you mind directing me back towards it please so that I can share it? 🙂 thank you

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