That Doesn’t Sound Right?

This morning, someone created a fake facebook page using my name and photo. I was angry when I realized they were trying to take money from my friends. I decided I would take down my page and just leave it down. I was keeping my little granddaughers and didn’t want to deal with it until after we had lunch and they were napping.

As the girls fell asleep, I realized they could easily spot a fake Gigi and was sure my friends would be able to do the same. I went online to take care of the problem and had to laugh as I read a message from one of my former students saying she bit the head off the fake me for using my name and photo. What a blessing it was to hear that she had taken up for me. It was worth all the hassle just to hear the comments that started to pour in.

The impostor looked like me and had my name, but they didn’t sound like me. When I beat myself up or wonder about the direction I need to take, I check to see if it sounds like God. I also check myself at times to see if I sound like His daughter. When it doesn’t sound right, it isn’t. That’s a great litmus test in life, and I watched it work today. The impostor was gone in a few hours, but I hope the lessons I learned will stay with me far longer.