Light Hearted

My heart is light, and that’s a new sensation for me. I am learning and growing in ways I never could have imagined on my own. God placed John 3:21 in my path last night, and it blessed beautifully.

“But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.” NASB

The beautiful verses before this one command a great deal of attention, and I love them dearly; but this one set my heart free. I know I’ve read it many times, but as I read it last night, it seemed I’d never heard it before. God’s Word is alive and often catches me off guard. It never ceases to amaze me, and I love that about it.

Truth is the heart of love. I was brutally honest with God last night, and He placed the comforting words before me. Truth brings me to the Light where I can be His vessel. Peace came as my soul settled and left me in a sweet puddle at His feet. He lets me cry out, and when I do, I always find myself empty and ready to be filled.

I slept like a baby for over ten hours after a cup of warm camomile tea and a hot shower. Truth brings out my deepest feelings, and that includes my deepest fears. God catches each tear, feels each fear, and calms my heart and soul with His presence. The service yesterday morning and an afternoon of Christmas baking was very therapeutic:) Preparations for the sweet gathering with family on Christmas and thoughts of time with Mylah and Lillyann today lulled me to sleep. I could feel mama’s presence as I settled into bed, and my heart breathed a sweet sigh of healing release.

Being light headed is not a good thing, but being light hearted is a wonderful feeling. It’s like floating. I had to smile as I drifted off to sleep because I knew I was experiencing true self-differentiation. I wasn’t fused or confused any more. Tethers were gone. The truth set me free, and it was the most exquisite feeling I’ve ever felt. I want more of it, and I know the way to get it is to practice the truth, come to the Light, and let God manifest His deeds through me. Amazing:)

Sleeping Babies

Watching Mylah or Lillyann sleep fills me with a sense of peace as I breathe in the sweet peace that surrounds them. Babies don’t sleep like adults and rarely make noise. The quiet that fills the house allows time and space to be still. Sometimes I sleep alongside them, but I prefer to stay awake and enjoy the peace.

I thank God that my granddaughters don’t toss and turn. I know little Mylah misses mommy, daddy, and Lillyann. They are at Sea World today enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures. Mylah is going to ride the Polar Express this evening and see Santa Claus. I know she will love the train ride and the sweet treats, but the Christmas lights will captures her attention.

Not all children have the luxury of being children. Many grow up too quickly, and some are tormented by mental illness. My heart goes out to all children who miss childhood. It should be a time of playing and loving and laughing. Too many little ones are hurting, and it breaks my heart. Heaven is a perfect childhood in the eternal presence of  a loving Father. I  love to imagine the joy of being in God’s loving presence forever. I know He looks after me now, but sometimes the lessons of this world are harsh and difficult to comprehend.

I get a glimpse of heaven each time I watch little Mylah sleep. When I remember that she wasn’t breathing when she came into this world, each sweet breath she takes is a miracle. I thank God for the privilege of loving her, and I pray I never take a single moment with her for granted. She and Lillyann have a lot left to teach me:)

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