Advent is a season of hope which takes my faith to new heights each year as I celebrate Christ’s birth and anticipate His second coming. Life is filled with ups and downs, but hope brings a beautiful place of balance. I wrote this poem years ago, but it still resonates with my heart. I look forward to all God has in store, and that is what hope is all about.

Hope is the spark that lingers

Long after the fire seems lost.

He remains to remind us

To go on, He paid the cost.


We are prone to forget Him

Until nothing else remains,

But He sits waiting patiently

To ease our heartaches and pains.



Love’s Seed

Cleansing water rushes

Purging me.

Carried by His current

Letting go of self.

Spirit’s flame consumes

Changing me.

Refined by His fire

Letting go of self.

Fire’s ash settles

Preparing me.

Planted by His hand

Letting go of self.

Love’s seed scatters

Growing me.

Watered by His grace

Holding on to Him.


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